silence, my friend!

Silence, my friend!

I feel you once again

Surrounding me and enveloping me

like a warm, protecting cloak.

Your radiance permeates my world.

With each breath you flow into me.

Every cell of my body opens to drink its fill of you.

My eyes feel you flowing out to every object

as you coat them like honey.

Every sound is you taking shape

in fine vibrations touching my ear.

I decipher each noise as your sweet voice

talking to my heart of your noiseless presence.

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a fine thread of platinum

enough of the incessant movement, like a broken record

fragments whirling in the cosmic winds

be the center that is everywhere with no circumference

hold your ground as the innermost Innermost

like a fine thread of platinum

that is the vein of the invisible

recede to the center, simply turning your back

on the outward dynamic

turn around with your face against the flow that draws all

away from This

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upon becoming invisible I love

(Ginny Ruffner – The Bowl from the Garden of Ideas)

upon becoming invisible

the invisible shows Itself – only that

 slakes my thirst.

i must drop all points of reference

all identity, all characteristics,

all carry-overs of ‘me’,

all that i want, i prefer, i am,

and yet be infinitely gentle

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Into Thin Air

thin air

thin air

Artwork Images Copyright Dave Goldman

We interface into this world out of nothing

Like a hand into the glove

We fit inside it like we were made for it

Made of it and we are but

We come from somewhere else

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unborn melodies

A poem by anne norman

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a solitary lightflute keeps vigil on the shore of consciousness
beaming unborn melodies across an ocean of incessant thought
beyond the liminal curve of the ear’s horizon

for Jarrah, who introduced me to the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse
unborn melodies, originally begun inside a lighthouse, during an attempt to catch fleeting melodies as they passed through my shakuhachi. I love reverberant spaces, they inspire me.
The poem has gone through a number of edits… as all poems do. This blog has become a staging post for poems and essays as they happen. Unlike a book, editing and fiddling is always possible. A dangerous, yet interesting form of “publishing.” (Orwell’s Ministry of Truth would have loved wordpress).

see: lightflute 

Divine Mystery of the Universe


Mystry of the Universe


Sometimes when I awaken in this wilderness of silence beneath the moon visions of the elegance of creation dance me into a heightened awareness of the phenomenal variation of life

Blessed to see and behold unending moments of wonder here on earth the blinding radiance of it all breaks free in the gaze of love

Suddenly am free falling into deep dimensions of timelessness a matrix of mystic seeds in a womb filled with silent music waiting to be born stirring with a longing desire to create a form

Playing with words letting them tumble into being sometimes claiming a place by finding a space on the pristine wilderness of a blank page an untouched field of light inviting love’s expression a composition that arranges itself in a flowing revelation of new life

Life is seeking union with love to reveal itself through the precious spirit hidden within us

We are designed to receive the Beloved who is forever forming us to become the light that reveals the glory and grace of love