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Origin of entertain:

Middle English entretinen from Old French entretenir, to maintain, hold together from entre (L inter), between + tenir from Classical Latin tenere, to hold

We hold ourselves together when awake with entertainment. Consciousness needs form and so we create out of ourselves form – that is our nature as consciousness. To be without form is much too uncomfortable. It is actually against the nature of consciousness to be without form. Continue reading

moving at your own pace

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Everybody is moving at their own pace together – kept in sync by the Mysterious Principle whose outer expression is the sun. There is in this movement perfect alignment of the disparate and it is a movement in continual flux. What is out of balance with this alignment is the motor of all movement as the Mysterious Principle strives toward greater and greater coherency with Itself. It is a movement from maximal fragmentation back to unified Being. We are in the phase in which the call from our deepest Being is being heard and all are moved to give up their disparate opinions and behaviors and to come into harmony and alignment with the Ultimate. Every phenomenon that is out of alignment triggers creative ways to bring about alignment. This is ‘auto-correction’ and every situation will auto-correct if we allow it the space and step back and just observe as the alive Presence.




breathing prevents dispersion

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My Comment:

In this section of the wonderful booklet “The Miracle of Mindfulness” the meditation teacher and Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh leads us into the value and practice of breathing as a way to re-connect our thoughts to our body again. Much, if not all of our modern-day discomfort has to do with our thoughts being somewhere else than our body. Since we are a body-mind complex, when that happens we lose contact with our Essence. I find that re-connecting with my breath in a very direct way – with no thoughts in the space of breathing – shifts my consciousness immediately.  Enjoy this teaching! Continue reading

remarkable statements

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“Everyone is a suicide. The eternal, blissful, and natural state has been smothered by this life of ignorance.”


Ramana: Look, the Self is only Be-ing, not being this or that. It is simple
Being. Be – and there is an end of the ignorance. Enquire for whom
is the ignorance. The ego arises when you wake up from sleep. In
deep sleep you do not say that you are sleeping and that you are
going to wake up or that you have been sleeping so long. But still
you are there. Only when you are awake you say that you have
slept. Your wakefulness comprises sleep also in it. Realise your
pure Be-ing. Let there be no confusion with the body. The body
is the result of thoughts. The thoughts will play as usual, but you
will not be affected. You were not concerned with the body when
asleep; so you can always remain. Continue reading

zen things


Living zen. this list kindof reminds me of myself. besides the cooking and cleaning part. i am so zen! (Check out for the complete Zen experience.):


Useful reminders ~

Another favorite of mine is the Japanese term: “ichigyo zammai”. This translates as “one practice samadhi”, meaning everything you do is performed with a sense of your complete body-mind. In this way fragmentation of consciousness, one of the main reasons for suffering, is reduced or eliminated. The present moment then opens up and you begin to taste the depth of this NOW. Lately I hear these words: “ichigyo zammai” first thing after waking. A good way to start the day!

Continue reading

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Exercises in Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh:

“Here are a number of exercises and approaches in meditation
which I often have used, adapting them from various
methods to fit my own circumstances and preferences.

“Select the ones you like best and find the most suitable
for your own self. The value of each method will vary
according to each person’s unique needs. Although these
exercises are relatively easy, they form the foundations
on which everything else is built.” Continue reading