what are you after?


My Comment:

I have studied the following passage from a dialog between Nisargadatta and a visitor many times over the years and it never fails to astonish me. The view that Nisargadatta expounds here completely eliminates the very foundation for all conventional understanding of life as our cultures see it. Food essence contains the essence of consciousness: “Is not the body the essence of food and is not consciousness the nature of the essence of food?”  I have come to understand that consciousness arises spontaneously when the conditions are suitable – which means that a ‘food body’ has developed that is sophisticated enough to allow for the function of ‘seeing’ to occur. Biology, at a certain level of differentiation spontaneously begins to reflect ‘this’ to ‘itself’ – which are both the same thing. Continue reading

that incommunicable mystery


…the whole of you, must be at the same level,

at the same time, with the same intensity…



In the secret recesses of the mind, truth has been pushed aside by symbols, words, images; in them there is no mystery, they are the churnings of thought. In knowledge and its action there is wonder, appreciation and delight. But mystery is quite another thing. It is not an experience, to be recognized, stored up and remembered. Experience is the death of that incommunicable mystery; to communicate you need a word, a gesture, a look, but to be in communion with that, the mind, the whole of you, must be at the same level, at the same time, with the same intensity as that which is called mysterious. This is love. With this the whole mystery of the universe is open.

Krishnamurti’s Journal, April 10, 1975




the animating principle


Listening to a short podcast by Gangaji, she talks about “the animating principle … that all bodies are in.” “The location in the body can never give you the freedom that you are really yearning for. It’s discovering yourself as what the body is in – as the animating principle itself – that all bodies are in, all form, all life. Then you discover true freedom.” Continue reading

great equanimity

Emily-s calming picture


Mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation is what the dictionary says. Similar words are composurecalm, level-headedness, self-possessioncoolheadedness and presence of mind. Han Shan, the poet-hermit from Cold Mountain, says:

If heaven and earth shift, let them shift.

I shall be sitting happy among the rocks.

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our poverty


Negating without resistance

this content of consciousness

is the beauty and compassion of intelligence.

It’s this intelligence that is in operation in the universe

if you leave it alone.


My reflections:

What does it mean to “negate this content of consciousness”? When Krishnamurti speaks of negating my understanding is that he means having the insight from moment to moment that all the content of our consciousness, our thoughts, opinions, fears, desires etc. have been created out of thin air. Our mind has conjured up the entire framework within which all of these concepts are couched. The very foundation of our worldview is something that is based on concepts, which are constructed of the past. Our past impressions serve as the reservoir for our so-called knowledge and on that foundation we build our world.  Continue reading