the vigor of search

for the root of thought

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The first touch of tea on the tongue engages so much of the body’s sensory network and seduces me into the sleep of dwelling in the sense organs. The awareness of the evanescence of all phenomena is lost. Putting emphasis on the “beautiful and interesting things” in the world is like grasping a fistful of water. Continue reading


the jagrat state



And so we continue on in the jagrat state of perceiving an empirical world of outside phenomena and feeling ourselves to be the subject and all else are objects. There is one thing after the other that “shows up” as “to be done”. This endless series of “to do’s” keeps us in the hamster cage or on the merry-go-round that often is not merry at all. It is eternal, endless and will never have an end or break in the continuity unless we realize that we ARE it. Only by looking at ourselves and recognizing what our image of ourselves actually is will we then be in a place of questioning the validity of our self-image. Continue reading

you are not defined by words

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Once you realize that you are not an individual, do everything, everything is your work. Within the range of the five elements, everything is you.

Who eats? Plants here consume water, the flame (Maharaj lights his lighter) eats gas, absorbs air, similarly things get done. Eating is done by the five elements, when you eat food, after you swallow it down the throat, who digests it? Beingness comes out of the five elements. Who eats then? Who dies? Who lives?

One should understand individual and universal life, this is possible only when one knows oneself.

You are talking to me through the body sense, but I don’t accept you as that which could be defined by words. As a matter of fact you have no form, identity or color.

You yourself are creating your trap by your word-concepts.

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a castle in the sky


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…actually more of a fortress in the sky ~


I created a safety zone for myself. It is the place where I know something. I have built up this fortress over decades and I am so very proud of this structure: it serves me very well. It is made of many blocks of different sizes and shapes: each part is some knowledge that I have understood. There is so much that I have accumulated from ancient, secret scrolls – things that very few have fathomed. Now I realize how silly I have been. Yes, it was all for the best since it got me to where I am now, so there are no regrets but only a kind of chagrin at the pride in myself that I indulged in.  Continue reading

minimal movement

Slender Buddha


Minimal movement is to notice what arises from the levels of beingness below the level of physical action of this body-mind. What arises are the waves of inclinations (vasanas = latent tendencies) surfacing into appearance (manifestation). I am noticing these incipient movements as in slow motion and so I follow them arising like bubbles from the deep. As they surface a thought forms and, in sequence, but sometimes seemingly simultaneously, physical action occurs.   Continue reading