On The Individual


We are not we, unless we take the oldest meaning of we, which is simply the plural of “I”.

So “we” are just “I” in multiple forms.

Thus “I” is again revealed more deeply to be a symbol for universal consciousness, which includes the multiplicity of the forms of this universal consciousness, and I am That, all of That.

What do I see? I see many forms, all enlivened by consciousness, all moving together, self-coordinating the one amazing movement in unison of all of the forms of “I”.

So clearly, “I” does not refer to an individual as generally is thought. See the dictionary definition for “individual”:a distinct, indivisible entity; a single thing, being, instance, or item

Where is this indivisible entity? Where do I find anything as separate anywhere? Everything is obviously connected in myriad ways to everything else. Individual is merely an empty concept, a word, that gives me the illusion of being separate, “a single being”.

In reality, what I can see all around me is evidence of One Being that is indivisible and that appears in various forms of varying consistency and quality of consciousness.

Sustaining and entertaining thoughts of being an individual further cements the brainwashed condition of human consciousness.

Giving my attention instead to thoughts of this that I am experiencing as being One Being that has the characteristic of appearing in many forms, is an antidote to the brainwashing and allows me to see things simply as they are, obviously.

This intimate, heartfelt, affectionate perception is Humanity’s birthright and the key to discovering Paradise on Earth.

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