it’s just rope on the path



in comfort


with a view to eternity

that is where we are now

it is a self-organizing organism

each of us is one extension

continually in flux no thing to hold to

there is no division except when I see it

it is my power to see whatever arises out of me

do I yearn to see others then I see them

do I want my mind to give me answers then it will

can I face this emptiness and not escape in any direction

good question

emptiness scares me

and yet it is not reality, only an idea

I create an idea out of me and then it scares me

funny, hahaha!

I venture ‘out’ into the world and scare myself

what a peculiar past-time!

I have seen the rope as a snake so often

and still it catches me ‘off guard’

I am still a child wanting to return to his mother

where should she be?





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