Some ‘Tangible” Results of our Solstice Meditation

A wonderful update by Cobra. The last video on this page is great! Something to watch to start the New Year.

New Earth Paradigm

The first “tangible” results of our Solstice meditation have been posted by Cobra, the spokesperson for the Light Forces who have been working tirelessly to liberate our planet and her population full time since the early 90s.

Prior to the solstice I began noticing that I was in a happier mood (even first thing in the morning before coffee). The high vibe energies were lifting me up. Since the Solstice I’ve noticed that my mind is much more cooperative during my meditation sessions and that I continue to feel calm and peaceful, although there are still many happenings in the macro world to suggest that I should be anxious or even frightened about “things to come.”

In this report Cobra confirms that indeed the matrix control grid is being deconstructed, Chimera spiders are being cleared from their underground bases, the implants in all humans are beginning to be dissolved —…

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December 21, 2020 – Global Mass Meditation — 6:22 PM UTC — Please Join

GLOBAL MEDITATION for the Age of Aquarius at 10:22 am Pacific tomorrow: Monday Dec 21, 2020:

New Earth Paradigm

How many mass meditations have we done this year? January 12; April 4; June 30; September 23; November 11. And those are only the BIG ones. There were multiple “booster” meditations to gain momentum for the BIG ones.

And now, on Monday December 21, 2020, we arrive at the culmination of all of these meditations — the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0 degrees in the sign of Aquarius!

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