Into Thin Air

thin air

thin air

Artwork Images Copyright Dave Goldman

We interface into this world out of nothing

Like a hand into the glove

We fit inside it like we were made for it

Made of it and we are but

We come from somewhere else

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Intelligent Infinity – Intrinsic Order

intelligent infinity

Journal Entry – October 30, 2014

In the purity of the early morning air the white Egret-like birds fly from tree to tree. The neighborhood rooster crows a perfect song as the late October sun peeks through the top branches of the cedars into our garden. The young man in the house just beyond the garden wall is speaking with his grandmotherly mother and then begins to sing a sweet song. It sounds like one of the modern Arab pop songs one hears on the radio and it is a pleasant song that reminds me of folk songs of the 60’s. It is touching that he sings so unselfconsciously in his beautiful melodic voice, full of affection, almost like he is singing to his mother. It is all the more poignant for me to hear this sweetness, as oftentimes one hears the sounds of emotionally agitated (and even angry voices) from this family, especially when the father enters the scene. Today, however, it seems to be peaceful and gentle over there and this tenderness is part of the tenderness of the land itself at this early hour, before the North African sun reaches its full strength.

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From the Hearts of Angels


From the hearts of angels

To the souls here on Earth

The song of beauty rings out.


Not to be captured, transcribed or published,

This beauty elopes with us

When we take the bold step.


There is a mountain

Higher than the sky

That beckons to us:

Please – raise your sights!


All spiritual disciplines,

Wisdom and truths

Cheer us on to explode

And burst out of this shell.


We have long been mature

To wake up from this dream

And yet we are caught

In this web of deceit.


We believe our own thoughts

And get lost in the maze –

Is there no way

To wipe out the haze?


At the point of inception

We all see the clear light

But then we slide into

Our dastardly plight.


We dance with the shadows

And get stuck in the muck,

Then we struggle and struggle

To lift ourselves up.

And lose sight of the splendor

We harbor inside.


Settle down, settle down

Like the water glass

Swirling with mud


You are clarity itself –

Just be still for a time

And give it a chance

It will reveal

All you wanted to see


Remember — you are

Diamond-like stardust

Sparkling and dancing

Drinking in the great light.

Living the New Earth

The New Earth is a place that you create by the way in which you move through life.

As Krishnamurti said: “We move in the space we create as we move.”

These 20 things are where the rubber meets the road. Check them out! Happy Living!

20 things to do today

Krishnamurti: Goodness

This following text of Krishnamurti is another passage from one of my favorite books of his: “This Light In Oneself “. This is Chapter 3, “Living in Goodness”.

The first passage  from this book that I posted on Heartflow was from Chapter 13, “Observing from a Quiet Mind” and subsequently I posted “What is Meditation?” from Chapter 12, “A Sacred Life”.

The selections in the book “This Light in Oneself” present the core of Krishnamurti’s teaching on meditation, taken from discussions with small groups, as well as from public talks to large audiences. His main theme is the essential need to look inward, to know ourselves, in order really to understand our own—and the world’s—conflicts. We are the world, says Krishnamurti, and it is our individual chaos that creates social disorder. He offers timeless insights into the source of true freedom and wisdom.
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Meet What’s Really Here – Jeff Foster

I have just made the virtual acquaintance of a great guy. His name is Jeff Foster and Jeff was voted #51 in Watkins Mind Body Spirit’s 2012 list of the world’s 100 most spiritually influential living people. He has published four books in over six languages. His latest book The Deepest Acceptance was published in 2012 by Sounds True.

The following passages are taken from Jeff’s Facebook page.

I like these passages because they show how Jeff takes us into self-enquiry step by step, much like Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle or Gangaji, going deeper and deeper, “gently but directly pointing people back to the deep acceptance inherent in the present moment.”
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Living Love: Day 22 – Courage is Natural to the Heart

Living LoveOn this second-to-last day of the 23 Days of Love I reflect on the process of writing during these days since Day One on January 24, 2013. I was used to writing what suggested itself to me on a certain day. There was no commitment to write every day. Now I entered into the rhythm of sitting down every day to write on a certain “verse”, as I called the individual Tweets of Omnipresent Love that I complied into the 23 Qualities of Love. Here is the verse for today:

22. What seems courageous to the mind is simply natural to the heart
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