More Meditations

This ongoing path from here to Here has centered around my first formal introduction to an investigation of consciousness: the yoga sutras of Patanjali. I began yoga in 1978 for physical fitness but soon discovered that it was more deeply about consciousness. Sri Rajagopalan was a man from Madras (now Chennai) who started each yoga session with some reflections on how our consciousness affects our lives, and often he would base these reflections on one of the yoga sutras. These reflections began to change the way I viewed the world and my own life: I began to sense how essentially I was responsible for my every experience.

One of the first challenges he presented to his students was the simple phrase: ‘Accept All Changes’. He presented this concept as something that would change my life forever if I dared to really follow it to the letter in my daily life. This was the beginning of what I call ‘living meditations’ i.e. not sitting with eyes closed intending to quiet my mind and focus on something specific, but rather taking on the challenge to move into my normal life with a changed perspective and attitude and to observe like a scientist what happens.

Under this page on the menu I offer further pages with several of these living meditations.

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