Peace is here when we are in Peace! It may sometimes not look like it in your surroundings, but trust that the Peace you find in yourself will show up in your life! Dedicate yourself to Peace and it will be in your life. This song is for us, to cheer us on to Peace Now!


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Justify Your Existence

Thich Nhat Hanh now is the time this is it

Listen to this statement:

I am that by which I know that I am.

Let it sink in and feel what it is pointing you to. It is something that cannot be touched, heard or see. We have a word for it: consciousness. But that is also just a stand-in for what it really is.

Now listen to this statement:

You are of the nature of no-birth, no-dwelling, no-disintegration, and no-death.

Another way of saying this is a statement on the implicate order:

In the implicate order any element, no matter how small, contains within itself the totality of the universe.

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November Peace Challenge: Reconciliation – B4Peace

Kozo’s November Peace Challenge for Bloggers for Peace is “Love Thy Enemy“.

A Charismatic Figure

He had the energy signature of my father, although I only realized that years later. At that time I realized as well that I had superimposed my image of my father onto him. This charismatic figure was very much enamored with himself (which didn’t exclude love for his family and all of humanity.) He was a man whose personality was full of contradictions but he had a heart of gold that made you want to love him “despite” his many rough edges, immaturity and inconsistencies. He was a born actor, a real drama queen, and he excelled at it. At times it was both fascinating and repulsive to watch him in action.
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A Day in a World Full of Peace

This post was inspired by the October Peace Challenge of Bloggers For Peace: “With as much detail as possible, describe a day in a world full of peace.” Thank you, Kozo!

A Day in a World Full of Peace

Before I open my eyes, I feel cozy warmth embracing me in the room. My mind is serene with no thoughts. I know I am waking into a peaceful world. I luxuriate in the feeling of that deep peace that pervades all life in this world. All forms of life are in a harmonious symbiosis with one another and sustenanceis found easily by each life form naturally and effortlessly.
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B4Peace September – No Strangers Only Friends

The Peace Challenge for September is:

post a quotation that will bring peace to the world.

The Dalai Lama says:

There are no strangers – only friends you haven’t met yet.

He himself lives this truth and everyone he meets confirms that it feels like they are meeting an old friend. Each of us can follow his example and bring peace to the world everywhere we go.

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Understand Myself as a Key to Awakening

Dear Friends,
Some of you may remember this post from the beginning of the year, however many new readers have joined Heartflow since then. One dear friend, Eleanor, mentioned how much she appreciates this post and that moved me to re-read it myself and to post it today again.


When I can understand myself I have the key that will help me to understand the world. To understand myself I enter into an exploration of what it is that I understand unconditionally and unequivocally. I also want to be clear about what I mean when I say that I understand.
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