Festival to Maintain Harmony with the Universe

Shamans rouse the ancient Siberian spirits

‘I don’t think I even came across a country with as many practicing shamans as Tuva’. Picture: Alexander Nikolsky


By Anna Liesowska – The Siberian Times
10 September 2014

‘Call of 13 Shamans’

Stunning pictures as shamans from around the world gather in Sayan Mountains.

A shaman, in the dictionary definition, is ‘a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practise divination and healing.’

These images – giving an extraordinary glimpse inside this largely unknown world – have emerged of a conclave held this summer over nine days near the village Khorum-Dag in Tyva Republic.

This festival, named ‘Call of 13 Shamans’ was held in an area of Siberia that retains great respect for shamans and was intended as a show of unity by the planet’s most respected practitioners.

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Into Thin Air

thin air davegoldman.net

thin air davegoldman.net

Artwork Images Copyright Dave Goldman

We interface into this world out of nothing

Like a hand into the glove

We fit inside it like we were made for it

Made of it and we are but

We come from somewhere else

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Dear Female Energy – Marco Missinato

Female Energy

Dear Female Energy,

You are the Essence of all that Exist,
Every single living form comes from your motherly energy

I feel from the deepest of my heart the immense pain and the suffering you have been through.

It was the silly and desperate attempt of the male energy to control you and dominate humanity.

The attempt could not be successful as nothing can survive without your Love, without your Presence

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Our Connection with Mother Nature

Telepathy — Our New Paradigm Communication

Re-posted from newearthparadigm.wordpress.com

Anna Breytenbach, a very talented animal communicator, is remarkable in several aspects. Of course it is very wonderful to be able to communicate with our animal companions on this planet so as to be better able to meet our common challenges or for us to assist animals in human environments that are in distress. I see the great significance of this kind of direct connection with the animal world also, as Anna and others in the video mention, in that more and more humans are beginning to acknowledge that the Natural world is actually our home. I know that I am feeling greatly nourished on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels of my being since my direct, visceral connection to Nature began to intensify over the course of the last year. I am sure you will enjoy this video!
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The Universe in Person

Universe in Person

Dear Friends,

This past Thursday I enjoyed a massage (an early Christmas present from my wife) by a very gifted therapist. She is adept at moving energy in my body in a very deep way. During the session I had a transcendental and transformative experience. Immediately after the session I put down as much as I could in words. Here it is:

The Universe in Person

Stars joined in the fiery union of cosmic intercourse

Their tremendous energies intermingling and embracing each other.

Out of the immensity of this explosion of joy many new celestial bodies were born, one of them Terra.

So much churning and flexing – spouting eruptions as it grew and took shape

Vast and deep oceans, massive mighty peaks, pulsating life in jungles and streams: the stage was set.

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New Earth Project

new earth project

Dearest Friends,

Much of my journey in the last 10 years is underlined by Eckhart Tolle’s wonderful book “The New Earth”. His clear message, untainted by any particular wisdom tradition, has been a touchstone for me since the first time I read it and it has accompanied me throughout the years. It is valid still today as a view of how Humanity can live its full potential in a peaceful, loving world. Continue reading


dreamstimefree_leaves on bark small size


Unfolding of hidden treasures while inwardly breath quakes

This untold sensation of revelation finer than the firing of synapses, finest spray of sparks illuminating being

My inner human tongue forms language like the earthworm the soil

I break open and speak the sounds of the cosmos to itself, standing face to face with a friend, a fellow worm
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Dear Friends,

Since my trip with my wife down to Tehachapi, California and meeting up with the OPAL Tour of the One People much has changed in my life. Simultaneously with these happenings I was introduced into the very deeply enlightening and inspiring body of knowledge coming from Seth through Jane Roberts. In particular I am delving into “The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book” and it is opening up to me a view of what I would say “Integral Reality”. So many pieces of all the wisdom traditions that I have been following for decades are falling into place for me through this meditative and inter-active course of study based on this work. I intend to post more on this subject shortly to allow those of you who might be so inclined to take a look yourself.

Today I am introducing another very wonderful “practice” that we became aware of just recently: Earthing. The movie “Grounded” is a documentary about Earthing, which is basically connecting to the Earth’s surface directly by standing on your front lawn barefoot or in other ways having skin contact with the Earth. It also involves ways of connecting your sleeping and living area directly to the Earth and the effects that can have on your health and general well-being. I find as well the spiritual significance of increasing my conscious awareness viscerally with the great living Being who birthed us all, Mother Gaia.

This is the film info from the YouTube description:

“Grounded” is an independent feature film about what many authorities consider “The Greatest Health RE-discovery of all Time”. The concept was tested on the people of Haines, Alaska, population 1,700. The movie makes its premiere to mainstream audiences theatrically in January 2014. The full film CAN be viewed NOW, as a pay per view at the Intuition Physician or Kroschel Films website.

Here are some links:

Pay per View website (US$2.99): kroschelfilms.com

Clint Ober video page on Earthing

Earthing Products

Earthing Institute

My wife and I have been out on our lawn and taking extended walks barefoot on the beach and both of us have clearly reduced pains and discomfort in joints that had been bothering us. I also go out onto the lawn barefoot when I awake with restless legs and that restlessness/quasi-pain subsides completely.

Check it out!

feet in sand