Connection with the Infinite Source of Love

“It is the feminine nature that exists in you, whether you are a man or a woman, that allows this connection with the Infinite Source of Love within you to happen. It is not through active doing, but by being receptive that you  make this link.

When you suppress your receptive feminine nature and exaggerate your masculine modality of doing, you cut yourself off from your innermost Infinite Source of Love, which nourishes you from the core of your being.

Learn to recognize the longing of your soul. In the quiet relaxation of just being, you feel your goodness and your purity.

In the silence of your heart, let yourself be loved.”

excerpt from “Adorata”, Tiziana DellaRovere

Click on the “Adorata Multimedia Player” on the Home page of to hear Tiziana speaking the ‘Sixteen Divine Virtues” – and enjoy a special transmission.

One thought on “Connection with the Infinite Source of Love

  1. Tiziana DellaRovere is the teacher who introduced me to Adorata – in a most loving way it opened me up to the feminine in me and helped me to bring my masculine side into balance, clearing the way for my Heart to begin flowering. Adorata is an amazingly empowering healing path, the path of Enlovement. I recommend it to every human at this time in our evolution.

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