from sky to sky


When the men of the world look for this path amid the clouds

it vanishes, with not a trace where it lay.

The high peaks have many precipices;

on the widest gulleys hardly a gleam falls.

Green walls close behind and before;

white clouds gather east and west.

Do you want to know where the cloud-path lies?

The cloud-path leads from sky to sky.

Han Shan

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silence, my friend!

Silence, my friend!

I feel you once again

Surrounding me and enveloping me

like a warm, protecting cloak.

Your radiance permeates my world.

With each breath you flow into me.

Every cell of my body opens to drink its fill of you.

My eyes feel you flowing out to every object

as you coat them like honey.

Every sound is you taking shape

in fine vibrations touching my ear.

I decipher each noise as your sweet voice

talking to my heart of your noiseless presence.

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sculpted silence

Dear Friends,

I have often felt that the forms in our existence are, in their essence, contours of Silence. This beautiful poem by Anne Norman brings this close to us. Thank you, Anne! Enjoy!


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sculpted silence

blowing through bamboo
i wander in the realm of sculpted silence

phrases waver
notes linger
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A New Day, A New Gift…


by Marco Missinato


A new day, a new gift…

Those out there in the other realms have no clue
Of the deliciousness of being on Earth,

Feeling the contrast and the low densities
And still choosing Love and Gratitude

Feeling the intensity of the severe separations
And still choosing Peace and Oneness

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dreamstimefree_leaves on bark small size


Unfolding of hidden treasures while inwardly breath quakes

This untold sensation of revelation finer than the firing of synapses, finest spray of sparks illuminating being

My inner human tongue forms language like the earthworm the soil

I break open and speak the sounds of the cosmos to itself, standing face to face with a friend, a fellow worm
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Letting Go…

Author Unknown – Original post here.

Letting Go…

She let go of the fear.
She let go of the judgments.
She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head.
She let go of the committee of indecision within her. She let go of all the ‘right’ reasons.
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Open Your Heart to the World

Open your heart to the world

Vulnerable I am

Can I be hurt?

When hurt is our daily bread

There is only one move to make – open more

How can I find out if my life will be equal to this hurt?

Going for shelter in this storm will kill me
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