I am the walrus


We live in a world of closeness.

I know,

it feels like me over here and

you over there

but it’s not – not really.

Don’t let yourself be fooled

by appearances –

they are the grand fraud

fraud? Such a strong word…

maybe better to say “illusion”, that sounds more


But it’s not – not reasonable.

Reason clearly tells us that it is not

you over there and me

over here.

It’s us together all the way down.

Fraud makes us perk up our ears

so I call it fraud.

This world of words dominates my view

so completely.

It is hard to stay with the wind in my nose

without a name at all.

Hard to stay with the flesh of my hand

without me being the one whose it is.

A very deep call from my innards inside

to feel this feeling of being alive

but not as a ‘me’ or a ‘you’.

I know that this deep feeling is really me and

really you, so

I fell for the fraud for a while,

yes, quite a long while.


now let me take the word-magic and

turn it around: “I am you and you are me and we are all together”

said the Walrus, right?

what an affirmation – might help

with love.





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