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Looking out into the rainy forest

I feel how everything is soaking up the water

We are the water of love for each other

The source is inside

Let it flow into your own body-mind

and into the World around us

This water flows endlessly

with no preferences

It always seeks the lowest 

Let it fill my inner pool,

a clear autumn pool




duality – unicity


Duality arises when consciousness arises. I am present and I know that I am present – that is duality. I am and I am not conscious of being present – that is unicity. There is only one, but when this conscious presence is there, then there is a sense of duality.

source: PDF Nisargadatta, Prior to Consciousness, December 9, 1980


My Comment:

Consciousness emerges and a sense of duality is there. Can I recede in consciousness to the point of emergence, which is the emergence of the sense of “I” or “me”? Continue reading

I don’t know, do you?


Contemplation by Lizzie Bitty

Funny sometimes… I just say, “I don’t know what the HECK is going on anymore… Do you?!”

She says, “No, me neither!”

…and we feel better.

This post is just to let you know that


…so you can feel better.

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upon becoming invisible I love

(Ginny Ruffner – The Bowl from the Garden of Ideas)

upon becoming invisible

the invisible shows Itself – only that

 slakes my thirst.

i must drop all points of reference

all identity, all characteristics,

all carry-overs of ‘me’,

all that i want, i prefer, i am,

and yet be infinitely gentle

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one Truth – many points of viewing

Justin Williams - Energy

ENERGY by Justin Williams

My Comments: These excerpts of an ancient wisdom text, the Mandukya Upanishad, illustrate for me the attitude of the sages of antiquity when encountering many versions of “the truth”.

In the first passage, “Turiya” (the Fourth) is characterized and equated with “Atman”, which I would term, in our present day English, the Universal Being. The term “the Fourth” refers to a state (sometimes called the “no-state-state”) beyond the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep.

The second passage (Excerpt from the Chapter on Illusion), verses 16 through 32 illustrate how each of us, looking through our own filter, or point of view, will recognize a certain aspect of the Universal Being (Atman) and hold that to be “the Truth”. It is, indeed, our truth because it expresses our own unique experience of this One Being. Continue reading

Shift in Perception – A Real-Time Report

Awakening to Right Seeing

This is a report on a shift in perception that I am in the midst of. It is not a ten-word blip on the timeline in social media. If you are interested in the shift in perception that many are experiencing at present, then read on and take your time. This is not a ‘quick read’. Without patience and a relaxed state of mind while reading this you will only be frustrated, so no need to continue. Continue reading

the inner sun

inner light 1

I am a self-luminous being. As my luminosity is directed back onto itself it becomes aware of itself as pure luminosity that shows up as various shapes and forms. Sounds, smells and tastes are as well forms of this luminosity. Viewed from this vantage point, thoughts are so much chirping of the human bird – at times audible and then we call it words and speech. When this chirping is not audible we call it thoughts or mind-chatter. This chirping can help to transfer images from one person to another and therefore can serve to align the movements of our luminosity into harmony, or also into disruptions of the patterns of luminosity, as the case may be. Continue reading

strong and gentle

gentle and strong


I am experiencing a new cycle on the spiral of my individual inner development. This cycle is showing up as an increased and acute sense of fragility and vulnerability on the emotional level. I am approaching pain and suffering that is focused in my neurology on some deeper level than I have accessed to date. When I touch in to this energy I recognize physical and emotional abuse from my own childhood as well as physical, emotional and mental abuse that Humanity has experienced and is still at this very moment experiencing.

This pain and suffering is an energy that is, of course, simply energy in its basic form and therefore, once I touch into it, it can move again into another frequency. It has been caught up in its present vibrational frequency as pain and suffering simply because my energy field (my body-mind structure) at some point, as a child, felt it had to lock down these sensations and experiences. I, at that point, made the decision to put this energy into a strong container and there it remained until I felt strong enough to open the container and allow that energy to move again into another frequency.

Over the decades, since I first realized that I cannot be harmed by these old energies, I have opened that container and released much of the old pain and suffering. Now, once again, I am opening myself up to embracing these fragments of myself into the one Heart that heals all and purifies all of my energy from such residual impressions and sensations. This is a process of accepting that I am strong enough to look at and feel deeply the pain that has been locked away in me. I realize that there is nothing to fear anymore and that I am an integral part of this great Benevolence that we call Life. I realize that the supreme dimension that I am asked to enter into is the dimension of the creator energy and that that creator energy is Love itself.

All I am asked to do is to train and practice tuning into the Love force that is in me and to first of all direct this Love force to soothe my own pain and suffering. Then I am able to treat my own body and my own feelings with respect, tenderness and caring, giving them the nourishing benefit of the Love and Compassion energy from within me. Only then am I able to treat other with this Love, Respect and Compassion. The strength I then have allows me to be gentle in all my thoughts, words and actions.

Compassion as a Liberating Factor: Thich Nhat Hanh

This is one chapter from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book

Be Free Where You Are

This book is the transcript of some talks that Thay gave to inmates of a prison in the USA.

I feel that this short chapter so very graphically illustrates how our state of consciousness dramatically changes our behavior, changes the world around us and determines what action we take. Continue reading