Some ‘Tangible” Results of our Solstice Meditation

A wonderful update by Cobra. The last video on this page is great! Something to watch to start the New Year.

New Earth Paradigm

The first “tangible” results of our Solstice meditation have been posted by Cobra, the spokesperson for the Light Forces who have been working tirelessly to liberate our planet and her population full time since the early 90s.

Prior to the solstice I began noticing that I was in a happier mood (even first thing in the morning before coffee). The high vibe energies were lifting me up. Since the Solstice I’ve noticed that my mind is much more cooperative during my meditation sessions and that I continue to feel calm and peaceful, although there are still many happenings in the macro world to suggest that I should be anxious or even frightened about “things to come.”

In this report Cobra confirms that indeed the matrix control grid is being deconstructed, Chimera spiders are being cleared from their underground bases, the implants in all humans are beginning to be dissolved —…

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December 21, 2020 – Global Mass Meditation — 6:22 PM UTC — Please Join

GLOBAL MEDITATION for the Age of Aquarius at 10:22 am Pacific tomorrow: Monday Dec 21, 2020:

New Earth Paradigm

How many mass meditations have we done this year? January 12; April 4; June 30; September 23; November 11. And those are only the BIG ones. There were multiple “booster” meditations to gain momentum for the BIG ones.

And now, on Monday December 21, 2020, we arrive at the culmination of all of these meditations — the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0 degrees in the sign of Aquarius!

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Election Day Prayer from Patricia Cota Robles

A wonderfully powerful prayer for this election day from Patricia Cota Robles – posted by my wife on her blog.

New Earth Paradigm

A beautiful prayer invoking Light-Filled Governance, world-wide, beginning with the US Election today. Government Of the I AM Presence, By the I AM Presence and For the I AM Presence. Please join in aligning with Divine Will by watching this short vlog.

Thank you!

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mystery of mysteries revisited

At this time we are experiencing a tremendous influx of information, much of which is contradictory and most is deeply disquieting. I am posting two of the classical translations of Verse One of the Tao Te Ching with the suggestion to contemplate the reconciliation of the opposites.

Be safe and remember to breathe and smile!




hsüan chih yu hsüan

(xuan zhi you xuan)

mystery of mysteries


Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching Verse One (several translations)

These two things spirit and matter, so different in nature, have the same origin. This unity of origin is the mystery of mysteries, but it is the gateway to spirituality.

(Translated by Dwight Goddard – 1919) Continue reading

Stopping Covid-19

reposted from Alia’s blog New Earth Paradigm:

Jumping Timelines and Stopping Covid-19

“The prodigal Blogger returns! At least long enough to offer you this opportunity to participate in a critical moment of Human and Galactic history. Got your attention? Read on.

“Dear Friends and Family,

“In these times of global crisis on all levels, I think many of us wonder “What can I (as one person) do that would make a positive difference in any of this?”

“It’s a reasonable question to ask and some months ago I realized that trying to address these systemic problems on the physical level by myself is futile.

“However! At the same moment I also realized that we can each do our part by addressing those very same issues inside ourselves.

“And if we unify our consciousness with a single intent, joining together at the same moment with other humans around the world — then we have a real shot at shifting things for the better.

“Such an opportunity is available to anyone who wants to participate on Saturday the 4th of April at 7:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time. 10:45 PM Eastern and 4:45 PM in Hawaii.

“I have shared a link below. The instructions for the meditation are near the end. But the main instruction is to hold the two-fold intent to 1) create the most optimal timeline for our planet and all living beings, and

“2) Stop the coronavirus and remove it from the planet.

“Simply start playing this beautiful video at quarter of the hour in your timezone and follow the instructions.

“This meditation will occur at 2:45 AM UTC.

“Use this Time Zone Converter to find the exact time for your location.

“If we can gather a critical mass of 144,000 humans uniting at this moment (which happens to be the precise moment when Jupiter conjuncts Pluto) and HOLD this two-fold intent for the duration of the video (or for as long as you choose to meditate,) I believe that we can achieve a miraculous victory for our Mother planet and all her inhabitants.

“I have been doing similar meditations with this group since they first began in May of 2012. Some of you were with me at that first gathering.

“During these past 8 years, Tomas and I have joined many such opportunities to shift the outcome of uncertain situations for GOOD.

“Please mark your calendars for this HUGE opportunity to use the expansive power of Jupiter, aligned with the transformative power of Pluto, to manifest a momentous breakthrough for long term peace, prosperity and freedom for All.

“Blessings and love, Alia

“PS — Our real goal is for One Million Meditators to participate worldwide. Be part of this turning point in Humanity’s history. LET’S DO THIS!”

Please share this with your social networks, friends and family, if you are so called. Thank You!




watch it take place


Chinese drinking tea


Ram Dass:

“Learn how to honor your incarnation perfectly, so that you can be free through form. Not in spite of form. Most of us think we are only free when we break out of form, but while you’re in this incarnation there is no way out of form. You are in form. So the real question is how can you be free in form? I used to think real freedom came from the ability to not work, political freedom, external freedom in circumstance. Real freedom comes from the ability to be able to not identify with ones thoughts. To move through the entirety of everything you do in a day, and all of the emotions and practicalities, and yet you don’t identify with any of it and just watch it take place, as a dance.”