The Reality Inside Your Heart

You have discovered THAT which is the Reality inside your Heart behind all the appearances of this world.

So, without ever letting That out of your sight, disport yourself as you like in the world.

Seeming to have enthusiasm and gratification, anxieties and aversions, (but really having none of them), seeming to begin and persevere in endeavors (but really having no attachment to such efforts), engage yourself in the affairs of the world without any detriment to yourself.

Freeing yourself from all sorts of bonds, maintaining the same equanimity and doing work externally in conformity with the environment in which you find yourself, disport yourself as you like in the world.

He whose mind is not attached to any desires, does no action in reality, though his body may act.” (Ramana)

“Examine all the different kinds of states. Take hold of that State which is alone the Supreme and True One and engage yourself in action in the world, regarding your life there as mere sport.” (Nisargadatta)

2 thoughts on “The Reality Inside Your Heart

  1. inspiring and beautiful! reminds me of sufi mysticism and the philosophy behind it…

    “I have lived on the lip
    of insanity, wanting to know reasons,
    knocking on a door. It opens.
    I’ve been knocking from the inside.”
    ― Rumi

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