the honey-bee architect


We humans, as particular vehicles for consciousness – express this consciousness in every even most minute movement that we make – whether it be sound or thoughts or sensations in our interactions with ‘the world’. Our human psycho-physiological systems are capable of a magnificent variety of expressions and these expressions, in my opinion, are happening spontaneously. Our sensory organs are only able to perceive these expressions after the fact – so we can not possibly be the authors of them. 

For me David Bohm makes the most sense when he points to the implicate and explicate order in this manifest existence: this already existing order principle on the level of the energy structure of existence ‘results’ in all the amazing expressions we perceive in life. The honey bee expresses this implicate order when it makes the honey comb with its perfect geometry just because that is ‘what it does’.

We, as well, are making perfect forms in life, but often we are unable to enjoy them because we are tainted by the belief that we are the individual doers. We basically get in our own way of just allowing this natural enjoyment. When we let go of that IDEA that we are the doers, we can then just open our eyes and be amazed at all the strange and wonderful things that pass before our eyes. We enjoy the fragrance and the fine smoke of the incense because it is pleasing to our senses. We find it hard to stay open with that same ‘enjoyment’ when it is the smoke and smell of a cigarette. Why is that? It is all amazing, even that someone would inhale the smoke of dried leaves in order to bring the nicotine into their nervous system. 

That’s where I am at now – can I really relax to the point of staying open to the bigger picture (quantum consciousness) even when things are not necessarily ‘pleasing’ to my body-mind?




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