Dear Friends in the Blogosphere ~

I have chosen to declare Heartflow an


I love connecting with each and every one of you and my favorite way that brings me the most joy (and then, of course, also brings my joy to you) is to visit your beautiful blogs! I am very happy when you can make it over here as well and if you leave a comment I will respond! I am so happy to be with all of you on this mysterious adventure called Life and to hear how it goes for you in the ups and also the downs!

with Love,


8 thoughts on “AWARD FREE ZONE

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  2. Dear Tomas,
    I’m thanking you so much for having the courage to make your own choice when it comes to how to express your appreciation. I have also received many awards that honored my blogs but I find it so hard to find make the time to create, publish and comment in as it is. I have a business, contracted work, my hubby, family, friends and pets and dividing my time up among them in a way that still provides the time to blog in is such a challenge. Like you I find I’m touched by the sentiment but I am unable to drop everything and follow the rules that come with awards memes.

    • Thank you, TT – It took me awhile to get clear on this and I was encouraged by other bloggers who had made a similar declaration. It is about priorities and not just “rules” – (who makes them anyway? WE do!) Cheers! and thanks for your great blog – it is very, very useful! tomas ♥

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