…there are no others ~




Questioner: How are we to treat others?

Ramana: There are no others.


Ramana - there are no others



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live your lives in a very natural way – zen


From The Record of Master Linji

Linji Bright Clarity pin

Dear Friends,

The first part of this article consists of some short passages from a text by the Zen master Linji with my comments. The second part is Linji’s complete text of #11 in The Records of Master Linji. The passages that I comment on are the ones that caught my attention most strongly. Of course, as with any text from the sages, there are many pearls to be found throughout the text. My intention is to make this text more accessible for those readers who may not know of Linji.
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the depth of the present moment

My wife Alia and I are helping her sister re-organize her house, painting the interior etc. I happened to discover a can of Turtle Wax that her sister got to polish her car. This reminded me of my own Turtle Wax experience a couple of years ago that I recorded in a post. Enjoy!

All of the wonderful spiritual teachings about living in the present moment finally come down to one thing: how do I live? As so often when I am delving more deeply into a certain aspect of Reality – sure enough – I find myself in a situation that gives me a real-time experience of that aspect. The last couple of weeks I have been noticing the repercussions of leaving the present moment in some very vivid ways. I posted my reflections on “Purpose” and how I notice that, in a certain sense, following a purpose tends to pull me out of the present moment. On the other hand, the mantra that came up for me while writing the post “ZEN: Purpose” has spontaneously arisen in my mind several time over the past week and has proven to be quite effective. The mantra is “I am my own purpose”. This brings me into a frequency of being enough just as I am and that no action or purpose or indeed anything at all is needed to fulfill or complete me.
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I Could Get Used to This…


I had one of those exceptional dreams a while ago – the kind that when you “wake up” you realize that the dream was a real as where you are now.
And hearing the view recently that the dream quality of experience is how emotions manifest into a dimension of their own (some call it the 4th dimension) – I let my senses linger with this particular dream vision/experience a few times during the day so as to let the quality solidify itself more deeply into the cells of my psycho-somatic organism.

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Into Thin Air

thin air davegoldman.net

thin air davegoldman.net

Artwork Images Copyright Dave Goldman

We interface into this world out of nothing

Like a hand into the glove

We fit inside it like we were made for it

Made of it and we are but

We come from somewhere else

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The Seal on the Land of Peace and Freedom

In these first days of the New Year 2014 I reflect often on what it means to live in a new way, unburdened by my past actions. I feel the freshness of living each moment complete as it is and not carrying anything over into the next moment. There is a subtle joy at being open to what the next moment unveils and, let me put it this way, expecting the unexpected. The usual way of going through life has been to assume that everything will appear in my field of perception more or less as it has in the past. This year many unexpected things are happening. These surprises are very much to my liking and life is taking on the quality of being created in the moment.

The following text by Thich Nhat Hanh is very instructive and can assist us to live more deeply from the NOW field. That is the quality that for me is the New Earth being created by each of us right at this moment.

In, Out, Deep, Slow”









Present Moment,

Wonderful moment.

Thich Nhat Hanh cappy“This gatha (zen poem) is also valuable for holding the mind. This is a very simple gatha that we can practice at any time in the day, in sitting as well as walking meditation. “In, out” means “Breathing in, I know I’m breathing in. Breathing out, I know I’m breathing out.” “In, out” is just a short way of saying it. When we breathe in, we know that the in-breath is happening; our mind doesn’t think about other things, our mind holds on to the breath. Holding on to the breath, grasping the breath, means having control over the mind. The mind doesn’t run anymore. The mindful breath is a rope that holds on to the mind, and by practicing this one line we can take hold of the mind. “Breathing in, here is my in-breath.” We recognize the in-breath as the in-breath. When I’m breathing in, I know that I’m breathing in and when I’m breathing out, I know that I’m breathing out.

“This gatha is based on the first four exercises taught by the Buddha in the Anapansati Sutra, the Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing. ‘Deep, slow’ means ‘the in-breath has become deep , the out-breath has become slow.’ If we practice awareness of our in- and out-breath for one or two minutes, then we’ve already succeeded, and naturally the in-breath will have become deeper and th out-breath will have become slower. It’s not that I am breathing in and trying to make my in-breath become deeper – this is something we should never force.

“Before we practice the in-breath and the out-breath are short and shallow. But when we practice even for half a minute or a minute, then the in-breath becomes lighter, deeper, calmer, slower, and there begins to be space and calm in the body and the mind. When there’s calmness and lightness in the breath, then there will also be lightness, calmness in the body and in the mind. The breath is the medium connecting the body and the mind. Breathing in, I feel a sense of well-being.”

“Of course it’s possible not to use any gatha at all and we can still step into reality and dwell in mindfulness in each step. But when our mind is still a wild horse, we need to use a rope to pull the mind back. But the rope is very pleasant. When the horse is already trained, we don’t need to use the rope anymore. When we have practiced well, each step becomes a seal on the land of peace and freedom. With each step, we dwell in mindfulness and we leave the seal of our peace and happiness on the land.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, Nothing to Do, Nowhere to Go, p. 199 – 201

Dear Female Energy – Marco Missinato

Female Energy

Dear Female Energy,

You are the Essence of all that Exist,
Every single living form comes from your motherly energy

I feel from the deepest of my heart the immense pain and the suffering you have been through.

It was the silly and desperate attempt of the male energy to control you and dominate humanity.

The attempt could not be successful as nothing can survive without your Love, without your Presence

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Living the New Earth

The New Earth is a place that you create by the way in which you move through life.

As Krishnamurti said: “We move in the space we create as we move.”

These 20 things are where the rubber meets the road. Check them out! Happy Living!

20 things to do today

A New Day, A New Gift…


by Marco Missinato


A new day, a new gift…

Those out there in the other realms have no clue
Of the deliciousness of being on Earth,

Feeling the contrast and the low densities
And still choosing Love and Gratitude

Feeling the intensity of the severe separations
And still choosing Peace and Oneness

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