Can I ask myself what it is that I really know? Am I open to radically changing the way I think, feel and act? This blog pursues these questions and reflects where this ongoing exploration into consciousness and into my original nature leads me.





a sun cycle we call a year,

this planet has been alive for many millions

of years of beings alive and sentient

living together – finally – peacefully

used their sentience to explore what we can create together

in love and abundance enjoying being together.

where are they now? no one knows for sure, the ancients

left some of their buildings we find so we know

of them they lived long ago millions of years.

must have gained the wisdom black diamond of silence

to have lived millions of years peacefully enjoying eternity.


what about us? we can too sure we can once we humble ourselves

to know we are part of this too same as them why not?

only still toddlers in our spirit crawling along our heads too heavy to lift

so we can see a bit further see those who came before and

are still here only not so low

let’s raise our eyes our heads up to the heavens


the stars the sky so blue

deep blue and full of mystery our friend our mother and father

the mystery so warm and dark our womb so lose your fear

raise your head your eyes your spirit it’s all just here for you

as you – not against you don’t believe it – help the others to

understand and stand now up on our feet looking straight

ahead with our head up high.


come on, you can do it too

sure you can.


New Earth Heartbeat

This blog brings to the reader material from various sources as well as my own experiences that can assist us to realize ourselves as a part of this one spaceless and timeless Being that we all are. This can lead to the perspective and realization of oneness.

Living New Earth

By “Living New Earth”I mean that each of us is able right now to live just the way we want to and just the way we imagine life is in New Earth. This has to do with our thoughts in every moment. It means asking myself if this thought is really the thought I want to have? This also has to do with my attitude towards the things and beings in my surroundings.

 “If we’re a free person, we aren’t conditioned by the things around us. We just smile to them and we make our path. Our surroundings are like a mirror. If we smile, the mirror smiles. If we cry, the mirror cries. If we’re angry, then the situation becomes angry. But even if the situation looks angry, if we are able to smile, then the surroundings smile with us. So the surroundings are coming from our mind.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, Nothing to Do, Nowhere to Go, p. 176

I ask myself if this is the way I want to be toward this person, or animal, or plant? Do I want to be patient with the objects in my life or impatient and irritated? Do I allow my anger to flare up at the car that swerves into my lane on the road, or do I have the inner strength to smile in that moment, and see how that changes things?

How about my relation to my body? Am I caring and considerate of its present condition, treating it like a cherished friend? Or do I “use” it without a sense of love and caring?

And so the list goes on for pages if we want. The new aspect of our life in this present situation on our planet as I see it is that each of us is now ready to live our lives according to our own personal sense of excellence. We are ready to give up the compromises that we have let ourselves in on in respect to our own integrity. We are no longer willing to live in a way that compromises our integrity with what we know we can do.

19-9-15 IV

Morocco Adventure 2015

We can be aware every moment of the day, and even in the night. Although we may still go unconscious sometimes, but we know that day by day our practice is paying off. We know this and now we are ready to live this knowledge. The more we can live in mindfulness moment by moment, the more we will be in a clear mental, emotional and physical space. Living a peaceful and orderly life makes it possible for us to live in the energy stream of our True Being. May this blog support you in that.

Be well in all you do!



222 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a part of it. Loved what you’ve written here and especially on your gravatar profile. I had asked a couple of days back to connect in a deeper way with Mother Earth and so that I too can have a realisation that how much She loves me. Maybe this is the answer -> learning something from your blog 🙂 Much Love ❤

  2. I have been away from blogging for a while. Now come back and things changed.
    Love to see your new channel. Spreading love is always a noble thing to do.

    Bless you.

  3. i appreciate your blog and you kind of spread a positive energy around. ! just came across your blog . enjoyed and followed! please spare time to view my blog at saadiapeerzada.wordpress.com.
    that would be a privilige.
    thank you

  4. Tomas;
    Keep your vigilance alive and in focus for channeling
    the vision of Peace that you feel and see.
    As Chief Joe of the Nez Perce tribe Said ( as he stood looking over
    the beautiful Yellowstone Area ) From this day forth I Fight no more,
    I seek only Peace for all Human Beings)

    George A Peaceful Warrior

  5. I co host an on line radio show, “Envision This” in which we speak to creating a sustainable, resilient and equitable future. You may enjoy the following recent interviews.

    You may enjoy the following interview of physicist Tom Cambell http://www.blogtalkradio.com/envision-this/2014/03/13/exploring-the-frontiers-of-reality-and-consciousness-with-tom-campbell

    Also, the following show may be of interest to you and your readers in which F. David Peat is interviewed with filmmaker Ron Howard regarding a planned documentary regarding David Bohm. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/envision-this/2014/02/26/reconnect-to-our-true-nature-via-a-documentary-on-quantum-physicist-david-bohm

  6. thanks tomas i really like what you wrote and i’ve actually been practicing it and have felt amazing. i’d like to share a little bit about me. nobody talked to me about consciousness or awakening it just came to my life little by little a few months ago, as i had so little hours of work and do to that little income and we all know how that is. it kept me from going out and spending time with friends, fixing my dirtbike and spending hours riding it, getting a car and many other things, but some how i didnt feel worried or stressed like other times, it came to my mind that my life had been like this so far for a reason, thanks to that i wasnt distracted by these material things and friends and i was able to focus on other things about life and the universe, i also began to read and search for good books and videos among all of these the ones that really hit me the most, were the ones about awareness and spirituality. i definitely have a strong disire to succed on the topics, i have become more ivolved in spirituality but sometimes i have the feeling that i’m not there yet, how can you tell? and what are some tips to not lose the path? i´d really appreciate any advice.
    have an awesome day full of joy!

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