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The Cosmic Plenum: Bohm’s Gnosis: The Implicate Order

Before consciousness there is information; it is information, an inwardness, according to Bohm, that enters into consciousness. Bohm speculates that this inwardness in consciousness may be likened to an *insight* which could, if refined, be used as an instrument for letting the “energies (of the Subtle Nonmanifest) come through.” Bohm refers to this as an “active intelligence.”

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the pollution of the ages

Stoa del Sol Logo


“Just expand and illuminate the original truth unconcerned by external conditions.”

Monk Hongzhi

“Unconcerned by external conditions” – so I am not swayed from my understanding of the original truth, no matter what elections take place and what results appear. My actions remain in alignment with my deepest understanding of this original truth.

What is meant by ‘the original truth’? One aspect of my understanding of the original truth is expressed in the following passage, in which David Bohm states his vision for humanity: Continue reading

the honey-bee architect


We humans, as particular vehicles for consciousness – express this consciousness in every even most minute movement that we make – whether it be sound or thoughts or sensations in our interactions with ‘the world’. Our human psycho-physiological systems are capable of a magnificent variety of expressions and these expressions, in my opinion, are happening spontaneously. Our sensory organs are only able to perceive these expressions after the fact – so we can not possibly be the authors of them.  Continue reading

the quiet witness and the world

My Comment:

Translation of some of Nisargadatta’s terms in the passage below:

With the understanding that all is a manifestation of the one beingness that knows no sub-divisions such as ‘persons’ or ‘individuals’, there arises the view of all happening as a “total functioning”. David Bohm spoke of the ‘intrinsic order’ of existence and that all forms emerge as part of this order. Continue reading

The Ending of Time: J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm


K: I have been going North all my life, and there is a sudden
stoppage from going North. But the brain is not going East or
South or West. Then conflict ceases – right? Because it is not
moving in any direction.

DB: So that is the key point – the direction of movement. When
the movement is fixed in direction, inwardly, it will come to
conflict. But outwardly we need a fixed direction.

K: Of course we
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Justify Your Existence

Thich Nhat Hanh now is the time this is it

Listen to this statement:

I am that by which I know that I am.

Let it sink in and feel what it is pointing you to. It is something that cannot be touched, heard or see. We have a word for it: consciousness. But that is also just a stand-in for what it really is.

Now listen to this statement:

You are of the nature of no-birth, no-dwelling, no-disintegration, and no-death.

Another way of saying this is a statement on the implicate order:

In the implicate order any element, no matter how small, contains within itself the totality of the universe.

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This post contains two and a half pages from the book “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” by Shunryu Suzuki. In this short chapter Shunryu gives us a sense of what the Buddhist term “Nothing” means. I find this term very similar to the view in quantum physics of the Field or the Plenum. For David Bohm, one of the leading quantum physicists of our age, the Plenum is an “immense background of energy”.

(At the bottom you will find the YouTube video of Peter Coyote reading this chapter.)

Shunryu Suzuki-roshi:

I discovered that it is necessary, absolutely necessary, to believe in nothing. That is, we have to believe in something which has no form and no color—something which exists before all forms and colors appear. This is a very important point. No matter what god or doctrine you believe in, if you become attached to it, your belief will be based more or less on a self-centered idea. You strive for a perfect faith in order to save yourself. But it will take time to attain such a perfect faith. You will be involved in an idealistic practice.
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