Little, Quiet Things

quiet things 1

“To be aware of little, quiet things, you need to be quiet inside.  A high degree of alertness is required.  Be still.  Look.  Listen.  Be present.”

Eckhart Tolle

quiet things 2

8 thoughts on “Little, Quiet Things

  1. Yes, beautiful words ‘ATITS’ (the child in me smirks slightly at that abbreviation yet please do not let it detract from this perfect words.) Julienmatei, maybe semantics yet no detail however quiet or small or understated is insignificant, quite the contrary.
    My own thoughts are possibly reflected in others; others reflected in mine and even in darkness good feelings shared will emanate 🙂

    • …we ARE having fun! Yes, it is often the details that trigger in me that sense of wonder ☼ and the ways in which we are all interconnected, while at the same time being unique in our own expression – such a mystery! 😀

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