Collecting the Nuts

Dear Friends,

I do share much of this author’s view of our belief about wealth and true value in our life. I do believe that we are capable of using the representations of value that we call money without losing sight of the true source of all worth, which is each and every one of us, our inalienable Eternal Essence. We have often lost sight of that and have assigned value to exterior “things” that we call “stuff”. On this subject Ben Hewitt is very eloquent and inspiring and I recommend his book highly!

Brainwashing for Economic Slavery

“Yet I cannot deny a certain degree of resentment that money – or lack thereof – commands so much of my attention and generates the overwhelming majority of strife I experience. I cannot help feeling somewhat bitter that, no matter how hard we try, no matter what deprivations we endure (and there have been plenty, I assure you), Penny and I remain beholden to the monetary realm. Continue reading