Hymn to Creation

Dear Friends,

If you haven’t met up with composer Marco Missinato’s music and video creations, you are in for an exceptional treat! I am posting his video featuring “Unfolding Secrets”, which is one track of his “Symphony of the Heart”. Continue reading

We Stood Together

A beautiful heartfelt tribute to John F. Kennedy!


Fifty years ago today, I set out just after dark with my mother and two friends to pay our respects to our slain president as he lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda. It was a last minute decision. I had begged my mother to take us. She thought it might be dangerous, but in the end, she knew that we would be witnesses to history. We put on our winter coats and climbed into our Rambler American. As we listened to coverage on the radio during the drive from Wheaton, Maryland into Washington, D.C., we wept.

I don’t remember how my mother found a place to park, but she did. As we walked towards the crowd, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing  – a huge mass of people of all ages. The line was so long that we couldn’t see the front, and after we joined them, it…

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dreamstimefree_leaves on bark small size


Unfolding of hidden treasures while inwardly breath quakes

This untold sensation of revelation finer than the firing of synapses, finest spray of sparks illuminating being

My inner human tongue forms language like the earthworm the soil

I break open and speak the sounds of the cosmos to itself, standing face to face with a friend, a fellow worm
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In the following text I find the words “a transparent, joyful acquiescence” especially evocative. Also this passage: “taking its miraculous unfolding for granted; using all of itself with great, gracious, creatively aggressive abandon“, while referring here to the consciousness of our body, inspires me as well. Taking for granted here in for me tells me not to see this miraculous unfolding in a routine way, but to realize that it is something I can depend on continuing to happen as it is the default of this existence I am a part of. I hope each of you will find inspiration through these words.
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Compassion Can Make You More Attractive–Thich Nhat Hanh

Originally posted by Kozo Hattori on everydaygurus.com

A very wonderful talk by Thich Nhat Hanh in response to a question by my dear friend Kozo Hattori of Everydaygurus.com:

Kozo’s comment:

A week ago, I published an article about a conversation I had with Thich Nhat Hanh. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. James Doty and the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University, I am able to share the video of this short interview with you.
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November Peace Challenge: Reconciliation – B4Peace

Kozo’s November Peace Challenge for Bloggers for Peace is “Love Thy Enemy“.

A Charismatic Figure

He had the energy signature of my father, although I only realized that years later. At that time I realized as well that I had superimposed my image of my father onto him. This charismatic figure was very much enamored with himself (which didn’t exclude love for his family and all of humanity.) He was a man whose personality was full of contradictions but he had a heart of gold that made you want to love him “despite” his many rough edges, immaturity and inconsistencies. He was a born actor, a real drama queen, and he excelled at it. At times it was both fascinating and repulsive to watch him in action.
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Dear Friends,

Since my trip with my wife down to Tehachapi, California and meeting up with the OPAL Tour of the One People much has changed in my life. Simultaneously with these happenings I was introduced into the very deeply enlightening and inspiring body of knowledge coming from Seth through Jane Roberts. In particular I am delving into “The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book” and it is opening up to me a view of what I would say “Integral Reality”. So many pieces of all the wisdom traditions that I have been following for decades are falling into place for me through this meditative and inter-active course of study based on this work. I intend to post more on this subject shortly to allow those of you who might be so inclined to take a look yourself.

Today I am introducing another very wonderful “practice” that we became aware of just recently: Earthing. The movie “Grounded” is a documentary about Earthing, which is basically connecting to the Earth’s surface directly by standing on your front lawn barefoot or in other ways having skin contact with the Earth. It also involves ways of connecting your sleeping and living area directly to the Earth and the effects that can have on your health and general well-being. I find as well the spiritual significance of increasing my conscious awareness viscerally with the great living Being who birthed us all, Mother Gaia.

This is the film info from the YouTube description:

“Grounded” is an independent feature film about what many authorities consider “The Greatest Health RE-discovery of all Time”. The concept was tested on the people of Haines, Alaska, population 1,700. The movie makes its premiere to mainstream audiences theatrically in January 2014. The full film CAN be viewed NOW, as a pay per view at the Intuition Physician or Kroschel Films website.

Here are some links:

Pay per View website (US$2.99): kroschelfilms.com

Clint Ober video page on Earthing

Earthing Products

Earthing Institute

My wife and I have been out on our lawn and taking extended walks barefoot on the beach and both of us have clearly reduced pains and discomfort in joints that had been bothering us. I also go out onto the lawn barefoot when I awake with restless legs and that restlessness/quasi-pain subsides completely.

Check it out!

feet in sand