The Awakened Heart of Humanity

The Awakened Heart of Humanity

We are Eternal Essence and we reside in our Heart. Interacting together from the awakened Heart of Humanity brings forth The New Earth. The Present is our Point of Power.

ZEN: God Giving


‘To give is non-attachment, that is; just not to attach to anything is to give.”

(At the bottom find the YouTube with  Peter Coyote reading this chapter of Sunryu Suzuki’s “Zen Mind, Beginners’ Mind)

Every existence in nature, every existence in the human
world, every cultural work that we create, is something
which was given, or is being given to us, relatively speaking.
But as everything is originally one, we are, in actuality,
giving out everything. Moment after moment we are creating
something, and this is the joy of our life. But this ” l”
which is creating and always giving out something is not the
“small I” ; it is the “big I .” Even though you do not realize
the oneness of this “big I” with everything, when you give
something you feel good, because at that time you feel at
one with what you are giving. This is why it feels better to
give than to take.
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The Seal on the Land of Peace and Freedom



In these first days of the New Year 2014 I reflect often on what it means to live in a new way, unburdened by my past actions. I feel the freshness of living each moment complete as it is and not carrying anything over into the next moment. There is a subtle joy at being open to what the next moment unveils and, let me put it this way, expecting the unexpected. The usual way of going through life has been to assume that everything will appear in my field of perception more or less as it has in the past. This year many unexpected things are happening. These surprises are very much to my liking and life is taking on the quality of being created in the moment. Continue reading

Universal Value Exchange — Reprise 2014

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New Earth Paradigm

I-POWER-enhanced-blueLast year on my “13th Paradigm” blog site (search the archives for posts on Universal Value) I discussed the topic of Universal Value (our innate, God-given worth) and how we can exchange this with one another in direct and representative ways.

It was a revelation to me to realize to what extent I had bought the societal programming that I was essentially worthless until and unless I could prove my worth by accumulating wealth, fame and or some symbolic representation of material success.

The whole idea that I was essentially VALUABLE simply because I am alive in a human body and that my BEINGNESS  is PRICELESS AND IRREPLACEABLE was a completely new concept a year ago. In fact, I didn’t even know this one year ago.

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We Are Inside!


We are inside!

Living with this consciousness we become the New Earth and all we do takes on the quality of the New Earth:

“While I attempted to sleep, one idea from among many sprang out at me, literally shocking me: We are IN God. We were NEVER externalized! These words do little to explain my emotional, subjective feelings of participation in this idea. … For suddenly I felt being-in-God as being-in-a-house. Everything we imagine and know is inside. There is no outside.
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Creating from the Stable Mind

Einstein Nature Spiral image_12_31_13

The only way to create New Earth, which is to live New Earth, is from the Stable Mind. Sometimes it is called “Big Mind”, or Universal Consciousness. When we continually ground ourselves in that place, then “we see clearly what we should and should not do in order to improve the situation”.

It always comes back to the core statement that we move in the space we create as we move. (Krishnamurti) How we live now is how our future unfolds around us. This is the view that evolution is the dynamic of the unfoldment of all the potential that is contained within each of us as seeds.

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Dear Female Energy – Marco Missinato

Female Energy

Dear Female Energy,

You are the Essence of all that Exist,
Every single living form comes from your motherly energy

I feel from the deepest of my heart the immense pain and the suffering you have been through.

It was the silly and desperate attempt of the male energy to control you and dominate humanity.

The attempt could not be successful as nothing can survive without your Love, without your Presence

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