23 Qualities of Love – A 23 Day Meditation

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek

and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.




I have compiled here 23 recent Tweets by Omnipresent Love @evolvewithlove

THANK YOU OmnipresentLove for these beautiful words!

I have printed them and have them at my bedside as a daily meditation,

taking one a day for the next 23 days.


Flowering of love


1. Love is an out of the ego experience ♥ 

2. Love is innocent. Love yourself unconditionally and return to innocence ♥

3. The lens of perception is cleansed by love ♥

4. A soul in pain is homesick for Love ♥

5. Love is the eternal sun shining beyond the clouds of human illusion and confusion ♥

6. Consciousness is inseparable from energy and energy cannot be destroyed. You are eternal and your essence is Love ♥

7. Courage comes naturally to one who loves ♥

8. Have the courage to love yourself. Unburden your heart and open your mind to the realization of your true identity and unity with all life ♥

9. The world is changed for the better by those who dare to love ♥

10. I am not my body. I am not my race. I am not my beliefs. I AM the individualization of Eternal Omnipresent Love ♥

11. We are illumined in the light of Love. We are empowered in the flow of Love. We evolve when we create with Love ♥

Pink_Lotus_Flower small

12. To love is to be free for there is nothing blocking the flow of our true nature ♥

13. Each one of us is an intrinsic facet of the omnipresence of Infinite Love ♥

14. Love creates to evolve. Love creates from what it is. Life is the creative flow of Love ♥

15. I followed my ego and got lost. I followed my heart and came home ♥

16. Love cannot be made. Love flows naturally from the heart and the heart is forever one with Infinite Love ♥

17. Hatred pollutes. Love transmutes ♥

18. We forget our origin and destiny when we lose sight of Love ♥

19. Love is expansive. When you give from your heart you grow ♥

20. Pride forms barriers. Love dissolves boundaries ♥

21. Be mindful of your heart and you will open the door to wisdom ♥

22. What seems courageous to the mind is simply natural to the heart ♥

23. Love is the fire of the heart, the light of awareness and the energy of life ♥

Fountain of Love

28 thoughts on “23 Qualities of Love – A 23 Day Meditation

  1. What a great collection of beautiful, true and concise meditations on love.

    Great tweet material too hehe 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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