Pratiprasava – Procreation

Pratiprasava is a term from the Yoga Sutras and is usually translated with the English word Procreation. The inner sense it that one swims upstream to the source of Creation, and the stream is the conditioned stream of our consciousness, often called a ‘mental stream’. So this entails stepping out of the mental stream, standing apart from it and then directing one’s awareness/attention toward the origin and inception point of all mentation, which is the first mental form “I”.


Pratiprasava Counter-Creation

There are not two. You alone are.

True joy is inner, is pure effulgence.

Intensity is inner, experience is outer.

Swallow the world and all experience.

Resolve the stream back into its source.

Be the stillpoint of the Tao: there all is clear.

Live without having to evaluate or understand.

It is one moving for itself, celebrating in all forms.


The teacher points:

I take my stand where no difference exists, where things are not, nor the minds that create them. There I am at home. Whatever happens does not affect me – things act on things; that is all. Free from memory and expectation, I am fresh, innocent and wholehearted. Needing nothing, I am unafraid. Whom to be afraid of? There is no separation, we are not separate selves. There is only one Self, the Supreme Reality, in which the personal and the impersonal are one. I know what I am: I am a center of wisdom and love, an atom of pure existence. All subsides and the mind merges into silence. On a deeper level, my experience is your experience. Dive deep within yourself and you will find it easily and simply. Go in the direction “I am”.




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Leaving Presence


Just yesterday I was looking at all the New Age views about ‘something great’ about to come around the corner etc. and how that continues to program everyone onto ‘hope’, ‘faith’ and the identity that is built around ‘becoming a multi-dimensional being’ etc. This all keeps us from the amazing fact of just how amazing is that <being> that is already here, and is as yet hardly explored by anyone I know of.


Anyone who pays attention to their insides eventually notices the inner human impulse to constantly move out of the present moment. I’ve been focusing on this a lot this lately and have observed two different aspects within this movement.

One has to do with a core need to control everything. My inner control freak is an absolutely fundamental part of my pattern of being in the world. I notice that I have a compulsion to manage, organize, and finesse every object, occurrence, and structure of reality. My mind wants to touch everything and shape it. This tendency continually takes me off the flowing path of presence and down little side trails.

Of course a lot of this mental activity is necessary and unavoidable. But I definitely overdo it. I recognize that it’s not helpful to give myself a hard time about it. Instead, I just notice when I’m doing it…

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You are the infinite focused in a body


English: Nisargadatta Maharaj

There is nothing wrong with you as the Self. It is what it is to perfection. It is the mirror that is not clear and true and, therefore, gives you false images. You need not correct yourself—only set right your idea of yourself. Learn to separate yourself from the image and the mirror, keep on remembering: I am neither the mind nor its ideas: do it patiently and with convictions and you will surely come to the direct vision of yourself as the source of being—knowing—loving, eternal, all-embracing all-pervading. You are the infinite focused in a body. Now you see the body only. Try earnestly and you will come to see the infinite only.

I Am That ch-69

Nisargadatta 2-25-13

Don’t go around half naked

Don’t go around half naked… 🙂

GYA today


1. Smiling Makes Us Attractive

We are drawn to people who smile. There is an attraction factor. We want to know a smiling person and figure out what is so good. Frowns, scowls and grimaces all push people away — but a smile draws them in (avoid these smile aging habits to keep your smile looking great).

2. Smiling Changes Our Mood
Next time you are feeling down, try putting on a smile. There’s a good chance you mood will change for the better. Smiling can trick the body into helping you change your mood.

3. Smiling Is Contagious
When someone is smiling they lighten up the room, change the moods of others, and make things happier. A smiling person brings happiness with them. Smile lots and you will draw people to you.

4. Smiling Relieves Stress
Stress can really show up in…

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Rumi and Breathing


Rise up nimbly and go on your strange journey to the ocean of meanings…



“In the mid-thirteenth century, in a dusty marketplace in Konya, Turkey, a city where Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist travelers mingled, Jelaluddin Rumi, a popular philosopher and scholar, met Shams of Tabriz, a wandering dervish.  Their meeting forever altered the course of Rumi’s life and influenced the mystical evolution of the planet.  The bond they formed was everlasting–a powerful transcendent friendship that would flow through Rumi as some of the world’s best-loved ecstatic poetry.

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What is Meditation? – Krishnamurti

Dear Friends,

This following text of Krishnamurti is another passage from one of my favorite books of his: “This Light In Oneself 

The first passage  from this book that I published on Heartflow was in the post Observing from a Quiet Mind – Krishnamurti

The selections in the book “This Light in Oneself” present the core of Krishnamurti’s teaching on meditation, taken from discussions with small groups, as well as from public talks to large audiences. His main theme is the essential need to look inward, to know ourselves, in order really to understand our own—and the world’s—conflicts. We are the world, says Krishnamurti, and it is our individual chaos that creates social disorder. He offers timeless insights into the source of true freedom and wisdom. 

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The Power Wizards

There is a discussion on the Internet that centers on the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) (see links to info on OPPT at bottom). One aspect of this discussion that has caught my avid interest concerns what many are calling the wizards behind the curtain.

As a student I delved into the book “Ancient Society, or Researches in the Lines of Human Progress from Savagery, through Barbarism to Civilization”, by Lewis H. Morgan. This book, published in 1877, was the result of his life’s work. Lewis Morgan was a pioneering American anthropologist and social theorist who worked as a railroad lawyer. He travelled among the tribes in North America for forty years documenting the social structure and collecting kinship data from a variety of Native American tribes. He had especially close ties to the Seneca Tribe, which adopted him 1846.

Morgan’s research and that of Johann Jakob Bachofen, (Mother Right: an investigation of the religious and juridical character of matriarchy in the Ancient World, 1861) led to the work of Friedrich Engels, “Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State”.

This excerpt from the preface to Engels’ book shows us a point in human society at which law began to be an arbitrary means to an end.

Origin-of-the-Family-Private-Property-and-the-State“That among some peoples of ancient history, as well as among some savages still alive today, descent was reckoned, not from the father, but from the mother, and that the female line was therefore regarded as alone valid; … that abundant traces survive in old classical literature of a state prior to monogamy among the Greeks and Asiatics when not only did a man have sexual intercourse with several women, but a woman with several men, without offending against morality; that this custom did not disappear without leaving its traces in the limited surrender which was the price women had to pay for the right to monogamy; that therefore descent could originally be reckoned only in the female line, from mother to mother; that far into the period of monogamy, with its certain or at least acknowledged paternity, the female line was still alone recognized; and that the original position of the mothers, as the only certain parents of their children, secured for them, and thus for their whole sex, a higher social position than women have ever enjoyed since.”

Engels, following Morgan, writes that the modern family arises as part and parcel of the development of private property relations. He states that material objects (such as tools) and the produce of agriculture as well as the land itself, end up in the hands of males in society, due to the division of labor that takes place as women take on the primary role of bringing up children. Therefore the male lineage became important for the inheritance of wealth.

The male lineage had to be recorded as it could not be verified de facto at that time by science or other means. In this sense, the lineage and inheritance records were an arbitrary statement of lineage and not absolute: because a man and a woman lived in the legally defined “monogamous” relationship of marriage, the mother’s child was recorded as being offspring of the man as well.

Thus “Bourgeois law” developed and began to dictate the rules for relationships and inheritances, which are based on property rights. Prior to this development all objects of a society were used by the community and private property was unknown. This is, of course, a much abbreviated schematic of the actual social evolutionary process and the factors involved.

My point is that this example shows how ‘the laws’ by which we all now abide are based on arbitrariness. A huge structure called ‘government’ with all its appendages on all levels has been constructed on a foundation of arbitrariness and is able to ‘enforce’ its edicts because we all agree to follow them without objection. To say that we ‘agree’ is not quite correct. Our agreement is reached on the basis of ignorance on our part as to their actual validity and intimidation by the ‘law enforcement agencies’.

The time has come for this massive fraud to be blown open. It is happening and this article is part of that.

The following video report about one man’s ordeal when importing his vehicle from a foreign country shows some jaw-dropping facts about laws and ‘governance’ in our world today. His example is based in Australia but it soon becomes clear that it points to a similar, if not identical state of affairs in any country on Earth today. It is 50 minutes but you will not regret having made the time to watch it.

Two relevant articles: Corporations Masquerading as Government Parts 1 & 2


What is the One People’s Public Trust? (Courtesy Notice Page 5)

The One People’s Public Trust itself consists of every person on the planet, the planet itself and the Creator.

The One People’s Trust trustees are a group of very skilled individuals including legal professionals who, in conjunction with a positive group inside the financial system, carried out extensive investigations into the massive fraud and theft taking place at this time.

Below are also links to information on the One People’s Public Trust.

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Meet What’s Really Here – Jeff Foster

I have just made the virtual acquaintance of a great guy. His name is Jeff Foster and Jeff was voted #51 in Watkins Mind Body Spirit’s 2012 list of the world’s 100 most spiritually influential living people. He has published four books in over six languages. His latest book The Deepest Acceptance was published in 2012 by Sounds True.

The following passages are taken from Jeff’s Facebook page.

I like these passages because they show how Jeff takes us into self-enquiry step by step, much like Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle or Gangaji, going deeper and deeper, “gently but directly pointing people back to the deep acceptance inherent in the present moment.”
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The Mystical is Most Practical – Nisargadatta

Questioner: If you are nothing in particular, then you must be the universal.

Nisargadatta: What is to be universal — not as a concept, but as a way of life? Not to separate, not to oppose, but to understand and love whatever contacts you, is living universally. To be able to say truly: I am the world, the world is me, I am at home in the world, the world is my own. Continue reading