Giving Goodness – The Bright Side

(The following is a post that was included in this week’s Poof Report.)

The Bright Side, by Bernard Dozier ++ Sunday June 29, 2014
> Giving Is Present Moment Creation
> Creation was (is) a divine explosion of incalculable
> gratitude of indescribable scope radiating from Cen-
> ter to Circumference on an infinite scale. It was (is)
> the giving of Divine Essence, Substance, Being, Life,
> and Form to all that we sense, imagine, and intuit.
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Dear Female Energy – Marco Missinato

Female Energy

Dear Female Energy,

You are the Essence of all that Exist,
Every single living form comes from your motherly energy

I feel from the deepest of my heart the immense pain and the suffering you have been through.

It was the silly and desperate attempt of the male energy to control you and dominate humanity.

The attempt could not be successful as nothing can survive without your Love, without your Presence

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Our Connection with Mother Nature

Telepathy — Our New Paradigm Communication

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Anna Breytenbach, a very talented animal communicator, is remarkable in several aspects. Of course it is very wonderful to be able to communicate with our animal companions on this planet so as to be better able to meet our common challenges or for us to assist animals in human environments that are in distress. I see the great significance of this kind of direct connection with the animal world also, as Anna and others in the video mention, in that more and more humans are beginning to acknowledge that the Natural world is actually our home. I know that I am feeling greatly nourished on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels of my being since my direct, visceral connection to Nature began to intensify over the course of the last year. I am sure you will enjoy this video!
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The Greatest Present is Presence

Our wonderful friend and spiritual companion, the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh, speaks beautifully about the greatest present of all: your living Presence.

Enjoy and Blessings on these special days!

Recorded at the Sounds True “Body and Mind are One” retreat in Colorado in the summer of 2011. There is something about Thich Nhat Hanh’s presence that just allows for an outpouring of mindfulness, love, kindness, and compassion.

Letting Go…

Author Unknown – Original post here.

Letting Go…

She let go of the fear.
She let go of the judgments.
She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head.
She let go of the committee of indecision within her. She let go of all the ‘right’ reasons.
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On Mother’s Day

On Mother's Day

Sage Tree:

“Don’t forget about your Mama Gaia tomorrow.
Mother earth, the Super-ancient-great grandmother: who adopted and nurtured all of your ancestors, as droplets from the stars.
Dance with your little feet on her immense body, become one with her, sing through the networks of her children, one in gratitude.
She carries us to the rhythm of her steps through the galaxy. And in each season, she tells us stories of endurance, ever inspiring hope, rationless perseverance… and smiles at us, kisses us with blooms, the teeth of petals that nuzzle our awareness.
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How Blessed Am I

interdimensional craft

How blessed am I

 How blessed am I to live in this ‘stunningly serene’ world

In which I navigate through the space between events, thoughts and words.

My interdimensional Craft takes me through expanses of pristine creation.

I am free of the pull of gravity as I slip between the minutes and seconds.

These rifts in the immensity of sunyata are like flotsam in the stream;

My living craft takes me through such occasional patches of dissonance smoothly,

At times even unnoticeably.

How did I find this Craft? Oh, It found me. One day, at dawn, there I was within It.

The day opened up showing me so many images suggesting solid objects.

However this time it was clear, from the command deck of my Craft  – these are but chimera;

No need to engage with them in a seemingly earnest battle for precious treasures.

Yes, I am one of the images in the thick of the fray

And I seem to be slashing and parrying with the best.

Yet all the while I sit in my commander’s seat,

Partaking of the exhilarating turbulence as in a swoon.

My Craft is my dear and most loyal companion,

Always ready to take me on through further dimensions as I desire.

When I am full of these most enthralling episodes,

My Craft returns me to my primordial domicile

To rest in that eternal self-settled place.


After writing the above I noticed in my Inbox today’s ACIM (A Course In Miracles) lesson. I have been reviewing the lessons one a day for the last few weeks. It is a lovely lesson and I chuckled at the title that came up for the short piece above, almost verbatim today’s lesson:

“ACIM Lesson 40

I am blessed as a Son of God.

Today’s exercises take little time and no effort. Repeat the idea for today, and then add several of the attributes you associate with being a Son of God, applying them to yourself. One practice period might, for example, consist of the following:

I am blessed as a Son of God
I am happy, peaceful, loving and contented.

Another might take this form:

I am blessed as a Son of God
I am calm, quiet, assured and confident.

If only a brief period is available, merely telling yourself that you are blessed as a Son of God will do.”