“We spend lifetimes fighting this abyss and yet it is still here. The easier way is open to it completely…without moving.

We all have the capacity to be in the ease of being. That doesn’t deny the abyss, but recognizes something that is present in the face of that, regardless of that.

That is the truth of being.” Gangaji

mp3  on The Existential Abyss (30 min)



Only if I am playful like a child can I really accept myself and be ‘wide open’ to myself just as I am in this moment.

Be Kind Be Gentle

How to Make Yourself a Tasty Self-Love Soup

Certain ingredients combined together will make a tasty, hearty soup. Similarly, certain frequencies meld together and I am relaxed, at peace and in love with myself: this is my love soup. Naturally, I am then also relaxed, at peace and in love with the world around me! I notice the birds more intimately, I feel deep affection for my partner, colors become vivid (HD) and sounds are suddenly part of the dancing fabric of creation! Life feels like a velvet cloak around my shoulders.

Here is a good mix of ingredients for this love soup:

Playfulness: Not being caught up in a lot of thoughts about commitments, must-do’s,  and the  serious importance  of things I am doing. Just light-hearted enjoyment of the fact that I am, and the miracle that I am.

Acceptance: Seeing “what it” in respect to my own person. What do I see about myself? Am I prone to intellectualism? OK! So what! Do I show preferences among my friends, in person and on-line? OK! Who cares? As long as I don’t judge and make others wrong – OK! No big deal! Do I judge and make others wrong, and I am right? OK! So what! As long as I see it and in seeing it as nonsense, I let go of it. So what? Big deal! Do I doubt whether I am doing all I could/should be doing to help bring forward the New Humanity, in me and around me? Don’t worry; it’ll come in its own sweet rhythm! You can’t make the plants grow more quickly by pulling at the sprouts. In short, can I look with real compassion at myself and be generous and forgiving with myself? Look out the window, and then look up into the starry night sky. Billions of stars can now be seen with the newest instruments. How long has Existence been in Existence? Think about it! All that matters is how I feel about me right Now!

man-in-the-mirror-paul-loveringDo I look in the mirror, (the psychological one,) see myself completely naked, nothing hidden? Do I allow myself to understand and accept everything that happened as it did? In sacred earnest, I deeply regret what caused harm or hurt, which means I have herewith reprogrammed myself and it WILL NOT happen again. Then see that all I can look at psychologically is memory: past, gone, dead. Only when I give it energy does it live. I declare that the only me is the me right now, and this me has no past, I am right now the Highest Me that I can Be. That is what Existence asks of me.

I also see the fact that my behavior, my quirks and idiosyncrasies, my weird attitudes and reactive, conditioned behavior are part of the whole of Humanity. I am the same as the man or woman or child in any place on the globe. Deep down they are actually a part of me. What I call “me” is really and truly an integral part of Humanity and thus my personality will definitely exhibit some of the traits that Humanity exhibits as a whole in this moment of Now. Since all of Humanity is experiencing an upliftment out of the delusion of separation, especially since the end of 2012, it is easier for me to let go of those traits that tend to perpetuate the sense of separation between the individual aspects of the One Humanity.

Detachment is another great frequency: I feel the release of the weight of the world from my shoulders.  I feel detached in a good way from being responsible for every thought that comes into my mind. Let them come! I will feed the ones I agree with and starve the others – that’s easy, with a bit of practice. I needn’t control my thoughts and emotions, for fear that I’ll succumb to them just because they arose. They are like swamp gas – that’s what thoughts do – they arise out of the mental stream of the vital energy that flows through all of Humanity. They only gain significance the moment I feed them with my attention. So I’ll just watch what arises in me from moment to moment without identification and pick the ones that feel inspiring, joy-filled and attractive and run with them!

Even those that “Fred”, my inner judge (bless his heart, still doing his job!) may say isn’t “responsible” or “productive” – I am now my own master and I decide without fear, because I know I can’t do anything wrong. My starting point is my sacred oath to myself and to Life itself, to “First do no harm”. As Gangaji says, I am connected to the Truth of Being as it is my own Inner Core.
This connection is my lifeline, and the guarantee that I won’t get far off my Heart-Path. When I chose to give energy to a certain impulse that arises in me, I keep watching; I don’t go unconscious and fall back into the trance. I know I will quickly auto-correct as soon as I notice that it is going in a direction that actually is not my idea of fun. Where’s the problem?

Konig PilsnerAppreciation: This frequency is one of my favorites! No good soup can be made without a strong dose of appreciation. Zen and Appreciation are synonyms for me. I enter into the depth that the present moment offers me and leave time behind. When I open up to the fine appreciation of whatever is in front of me (be it a glass of beer or pure water). I go inside the surface appearance of things and Life comes alive! It is paradoxical that we can ‘make life come alive’, but it is so. We can be dead and walk around in these meat suits, or we can wake up to appreciate the miracle that we are and come alive as walking and talking representatives of Existence in form: “I Am” the Universe in Person! Let’s Party and Enjoy One and All!

The soup is ready – come and get it! Cheers! Here’s to Us!

12 thoughts on “\ OPEN WIDE / THE ABYSS

  1. Tomas, thank you for this beautiful post full of wisdom, playfulness, and peace. I agree with Sheri that the line about the past woke me up. I also love the idea of playfulness which is why i watched the entire MJ video (love the way he danced). Here’s to a peaceful 2013 full of nourishing love soup. {{{Hug}}} Kozo

  2. What a lovely read that was. I feel so blessed.
    I’ve already noticed a difference in the frequency of returning to, and the depth of, presence, and lack of attachment to thoughts and personal self since 2012. Sweet.

    • Yes, Alison, very noticeable for me and my wife Alia says the same thing – we are noticing it in our friends and also at the grocery store, post office…
      In Lak’ech Ala K’in

  3. And what a delicious and nutritious soup this is! Thank you Dearest for combining these ingredients together daily so that we always have a flavorful broth bubbling in our home. Bon appetit! Alia

  4. Great recipe Tomas, but the ring that really caught my hearts attention was this: Then see that all I can look at psychologically is memory, past, gone, dead. Only when I give it energy does it live. Why? Because it is such a profound truth. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some soup to go make-:) Much love – Sheri

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