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175. The only worthy occupation is to thoroughly absorb the ego by turning Selfward and, without allowing it to rise, to thus abide quietly, like a waveless ocean, in Self-Knowledge, having annihilated the delusive mind-ghost, which had been wandering about unobstructed.

176. The truly powerful tapas is that state in which, having lost the sense of doership, and knowing well that all is His Will, one is relieved from the delusion of the foolish ego. Thus should you know.
(The last sentence may also mean, ‘Therefore, acquire such tapas’.)

source: Ramana, Guru Vachaka Kovai PDF p. 75


My Comment:

I notice that here it is said “…thoroughly absorb the ego by turning SelfwardThis sense of absorbing the ego changes the idea of having to annihilate, or suppress, or fight the ego. The ego structure as a behavior pattern of the limited self, is of course part of who and what I am and so to attempt to divorce myself or separate myself from ego is illusory. When awareness is no longer obstructed by ignorance then ego is naturally absorbed into the greater Self. 





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