predominantly feeling


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Q: How long can the mind stay or be kept in the Heart?

Ramana: The period extends by practice.

Q: What happens at the end of the period?

R: The mind returns to the present normal state. Unity in the Heart
is replaced by variety of phenomena perceived. This is called the
outgoing mind. The heart-going mind is called the resting mind.

Q: Is all this process merely intellectual or does it exhibit feeling

R: The latter.

source: Ramana Talks Complete, PDF 38/704

 My Comment:

Ramana confirms here that the process of merging the mind with the Self “exhibits feeling predominately.” This points us in the direction of understanding Self-inquiry (vichara) as something, one could say, on the visceral level of our experience rather than on the level of logic and mentation. Here we see the connection to Zen as well as Krishnamurti’s approach, which emphasizes this direct perception. Perception is then seen as something that our entire being is engaged in, not merely our thinking mind. Again we come back to the maxim: “From moment to moment maintain the insight that there is no discrimination between subject and object…” (Zen Master Linji), or, as Krishnamurti tirelessly reminds us: “The subject is the object.”




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