have no-mind


My Comment:

This is living life without forethought and always letting go of the now in the now. This is life without the mind clogging up the works by wanting to create a vision for the next moment. It clogs up the free flow of vital energy and of the Mystery of creation because it holds on to what is pleasurable in the present moment and repels what is uncomfortable in the present moment. What we call ‘the mind’ is no more than impressions in memory of these things to avoid and those we want to attract into our lives.

However, by feeding this tendency to create security and safety for itself, the mind is continually strengthening past impressions of memory. These are like grooves in the brain, or, some say, like scars in the brain. Vital energy, the life force, cannot move through our psycho-somatic organism smoothly because of all of these barriers to the new, the now. When we understand the importance of destruction as a part of creation we can then let go and die to the present moment again, again and again. We trust in the mystery to create the most suitable form for its energy to flow into at any given moment.


Zen Master Linji:

“Monks, what are you looking for? In the present moment you are standing before me listening to the Dharma. It is luminous and clear. You do not need to depend on anything and since you lack nothing you have nothing to search for. As I see it, there isn’t so much to do. Just be ordinary  – put on your robes, eat your food, and pass the time doing nothing. “

“If you want nothing to stand between you and the Buddhas and masters, you have to see this. Do not doubt anymore, do not be mistaken anymore. If you can maintain this insight, you are living masters. If you cannot maintain this insight, then there will be a difference between nature and appearance. When the mind does maintain this insight, nature and appearance are not two different things.”

source: Thich Nhat Hanh, Nothing to Do, Nowhere to Go, p. 40


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