Dr. Laurie Moore & Bentinho Massaro-The Miracle of Existence, Part 1

Here are two young faces of the future of humanity – it has already begun!

15 minutes


8 thoughts on “Dr. Laurie Moore & Bentinho Massaro-The Miracle of Existence, Part 1

  1. spiritual awareness is highly commended – essential to have for spiritual discernment. The spiritual world is not ‘neutered’ – it is inhabited by spirits both angelic and demonic, both of which can impart to us feelings that “feel right”. Without a proper guideline, one may find one ‘self’ – or otherwise non-existent ‘self-effect’ / consciousness being unknowingly directed by “feels right” impulses towards a malevolent non-existence of ultimate deception. I’m sure that Bentinho would never let his “feels rights” be compromised by the “feel rights” of anyone else (such as his wife) – perfect enlightenment should never be constrained by any hindrances of (self-imposed) “obligations” to any other entity. The crowning hallmark of Tr- I -nf- I -n- I -ty is the triple-stated ego-effect which is the object of it’s own eradication – “I” – “I” – “I” (aka “me” “me” “me” ). However, for those who have nothing else, replacement of one nothing with another nothing is I suppose in some way, shape or form, something – especially at his (not-quite-nothing) price.

    • Thanks for your response. Bentinho is supporting many to open up to their own path in my opinion. I do see the risk of standing up as a ‘teacher’ and having many accept your ‘teaching’ as a fixed ‘way’ to achieve open and boundless awareness. For me open and boundless awareness is something that changes day by day and minute by minute – in other words, no fixed ‘way’ can lead me to our Self.

  2. I know comments are asked to be made on the video but per Sara’s comment. Not everyone’s beliefs are to be intimate with just one soul. Many religions and cultures accept multiple wives even. Since we are all one, is it really so wrong to share the beauty of love making with only one? His wife might not agree because her beliefs that came from society are he’s only to be with me. But if we are truly secure in our relationship with one another it can work which ever way “feels right”

    I’ve just discovered Bentinho yesterday on a youtube video and I resonate with all he says. EVerything he states is what I’ve learned from other masters. Focusing on what we believe that feels right and makes us happy instead of what everyone else is doing is the highest form of growth. If we don’t like what someone else is doing, either look within to see why it bother’s us so, or walk away and go have a happy day doing what you love.

  3. From what I have seen Bentinho very much chooses to live in integrity, and he has even talked about what he has learned from such things and how he now handles his life differently relative to agreements with other people(relationships). If you watch him and really feel into his energy, you know that he would never intentionally hurt anyone, I’m sure he would do things differently if he was back in that situation. I’ve been watching him for years and his constant and continuous growth is very obvious. It would be sad for his personal learning experiences/mistakes to make people doubt the value of what he is currently sharing. The best he has ever offered is coming out now in his free weekly webcasts, and in my opinion is some of the most profound spiritual teaching ever offered anywhere.

  4. Not sure how “enlightened” Massaro is. According to a friend in his secret angels group, his wife is leaving him after he had an affair with a volunteer, Christy Dean, girlfriend of another volunteer. This is how he treats his wife and followers?

    • Yes, Sara, oftentimes someone can open their “eyes” and get a good glimpse of Reality, but the challenge for each of us is then to live that new understanding in full integrity. Many then slip back into old paradigm behavior until the next chance they get at stabilizing their frequency in the new paradigm. That means continual focus on the highest truth and that is quite a practice ;). Your comment has prompted me to take a look at this video again…. I posted it about one year ago and now I may have a different take on it. Thank you! much love! tomas ♥

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