Julia Watkins: Energism Art

This article showcases the Artist Julia Watkins. It was originally posted here.

Energism, Julia Watkins

Can you make out the figures in these vibrant, swirly paintings? Inspired by the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi, artist Julia Watkins pioneered this style of art known as Energism.

“Tai Chi masters believe the key to balance is to move and live with the natural rhythms of earth, water and sky. The swirls represent the flow of energy between all things and demonstrate how man and animal are interconnected with their world.”

– Watkins

A descendant of North Carolina’s Native American tribe in Orakoke Island, Watkins was mentored as an artist from a young age. Her unique art form has gained her many accolades over the years. The paintings are truly mesmerizing!







Leaning Lovers

First Dream

First Dream

Elephant Charging

Elephant Charge

4 Buddhist Monks

4 Buddhist Monks

Leaf Peeping

Leaf Peeping

Roix's Garden

Roix’s Garden


Path to the Light

Path to the Light

More of Julia’s work here.


22 thoughts on “Julia Watkins: Energism Art

  1. Beautiful Tomas, thanks for introducing Julia and her unique expression to us. I was fascinated with the ways that the energetic patterns inter-connected, when there were multiple beings involved — look at the flowers! Wonderful to see the world this way. Blessings, Alia

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