seeds of happiness


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We need only water the seeds of happiness,

and avoid watering the seeds of suffering.”

Thich Nhat Hanh


This is what is meant by the term “mindfulness”. Notice the various your mental formations and learn to see them with great clarity. Learn to recognize how the seeds of suffering, when watered, will sprout and cause pain and suffering to yourself and to those in your life. This awareness must become so clear that it will be natural for you to avoid watering those seeds, just as it is natural to avoid driving into a pothole in the road.  

When we water the seeds of happiness, joy, contentment, clarity, compassion etc. soon our inner garden will be full of beautiful flowers and there is no place for the weeds of sorrow, anger, guilt, jealousy etc. Be a good gardener everyday and be patient for the seeds to sprout and blossom.





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