Tomas Interview on Blogtalk Radio

Dear Friends,

This delightful interview with Merry and Burl Hall of Envision This! blogtalk radio was very enlightening and uplifting for me when I was able to listen to the recording myself. Each of us in dialog with each other, as here on our blogs, helps the Voice of Infinite Intelligence to be heard through us. We are the Universe in Person! I thank each of you for inspiring me to express my version of what Humanity wants to hear at this moment and thank you for bringing through your version of the Wisdom of the Ages as found in each of your writings. Enjoy!



on ENVISION THIS! Blogtalk Radio

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ENVISION THIS…Humanity aligning with the flow of the Heart. This intimate, heartfelt, affectionate perception is Humanity’s birthright and the key to discovering Paradise on Earth.

>Link to Recording<

54 minutes


Our guest is Tomas Qubeck, a former student of Sri Rajagopalan who taught in his yoga meditations to “accept all changes.”  Tomas says this was the beginning “of what I call ‘living meditations’ i.e. not sitting with eyes closed intending to quiet my mind and focus on something specific, but rather taking on the challenge to move into my normal life with a changed perspective and attitude and to observe like a scientist what happens.”

His website is “an oasis of peace in the heart of blogland.”  He shares his wisdom with us: “What inspires me to align myself with the Heart. I write Heart with a capital ‘H’ to express the one reality that we all are.” (

He wishes for “every human on our planet to understand how we got ourselves here where we are today, and to see how ‘judgment’ is something like a virus that has spread throughout humanity to wreak havoc in our own lives and on the planet as a whole.”

9 thoughts on “Tomas Interview on Blogtalk Radio

  1. Fascinating, Tomas. Let it be. Thank you for sharing this interview. I love hearing how you started on the path–your encounter with your yoga guru, your discovery of Krishnamurti, etc. I look forward to learning more from you.

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