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Visitor: But personalities are different.

Nisargadatta: Like gold, the ornaments are different but the gold is same. Rain water is tasteless and odorless, but when raindrops fall on the ground different types of vegetation grow. You don’t go to the root and find the unity; you identify with the body and think that you are different, at the root are the five elements.

V: At the root is the ‘I amness’

N:The ‘I am’ is the centre or the essence of the food body, which is a result of the five elements. Out of special activity there is water, vegetation and so forth, so ‘I amness’ is a culmination of the five elemental activity. This ‘I amness’, whenever enjoyed beyond the body is your destiny. When you dwell in destiny as ‘I am’, you realize that it is not your death, but the disappearance of ‘I amness.’ You just dwell in it, and itself it will tell you its own story.

You go in search of a Guru, seek his blessings and fall at his feet; it is because you have not dwelt on your own Self, that’s why you are not in position to tolerate your beingness. You go because you have not realized your Self.

A diamond illumines inside and outside, so also the manifestation of world is inside and outside. Why do you weep and shout? It’s because you can’t tolerate your beingness. You are unable to go into quietude; therefore you go around and gossip, like when ladies go by train, they go on stitching.

Everyone has some preoccupation or the other, just to tolerate the touch of ‘I amness’, they want wife and family because they want some occupation to tolerate the beingness. For the suffering of this beingness you give treatment in the form of worldly activities but actually your true state is beyond manifestation. People worship different gods, but what is god? It means the Self-knowledge ‘I am’.

When you abide in the ‘I am’ you get its knowledge and in the process you transcend it, and then you are in your true state, then you do not require Self-knowledge anymore. You may try to evaluate the world, the gods, but once you have reached your true state, you are the highest.

Even before your so-called birth the ‘I amness’ is in a dormant condition in vegetation. Subsequently, after vegetation, with the body it comes into being. Who is a Jnani? A Jnani is one who has come to a conclusion about the raw material of the ‘I am’ and that he stands apart from it. You presume that you have a lot of knowledge, yet you have not been able to get rid of your identity, but even if you keep in mind just two words, your job is done.

source: Nisargadatta, I am Unborn PDF p. 95/130


My Comment:

The two words are “I am”. The raw material of the “I am” is the chemical that lies dormant in the vegetation. Once there is the body the “I amness” comes into being. It is the same as any other substance that conjures up a certain physio-psychological effect and experience. Can this entire experience of Existence be the result of the effect of that chemical “I am”? My job is to allow myself to “enjoy the ‘I amness’ beyond the body” and then to get its knowledge.




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