The Buddha’s face

baby buddha sleeping

The Buddha is the face of Love. Each of us has this face and it is often spoken of by the many masters who have lived in the past and into the present. They call it “your face before you were born.” It can help to close your eyes, relax your body and feel your breath deeply. Then ask yourself: “What is my face before I was born?” Then you can “see” the face of Love, your original face, the Buddha face. This face takes in all it sees with the power of Love. It accepts and embraces every aspect of life that it encounters. There is no greater service to Humanity and to our Planet than to embody the face of Love and be Buddha.


3 thoughts on “The Buddha’s face

  1. Aaaaawwwww….As I was journeying along in this lifetime I continued to ask to remember my past, back to infancy and then back thru until conception. I was eventually shown myself with a precious “Budha Smile” and reminded that this is what I was bringing to the Mother and all life upon her planet.

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