…says love



“…it is what it is, says love.”




“Life is a pyramid of Love. Whole life is just that; One big, unimaginable great and magnificent pyramid of Love. All seen and unseen worlds are part of it – pyramid of Love.

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mind in love

‘With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy.’ ~ Lope de Vega :: Art by Bonnie Joy Bardos


A mind that is in Love is a smiling mind; it is happy and feels buoyant, cheerful and playful. When in Love, the quality of its seeing is full of affection for everything in its field of perception. The cloak of heavy, dark or broken thoughts is dissipated. Continue reading

the diamond


Obviously all that I perceive is seamless and free of any divisions. One form flows into the next and all are interwoven in the exchange of the elements and energies. What I see is a diamond-like solid space that allows for movement within the ocean of its expanse. I can focus on the limpid openness of this living space that holds itself absolutely immobile and stable. In this way it provides the ‘platform’ for all movements.

When I focus on the movements in the space, I perceive how all things are held by the invisible Self which is Love. It allows for all dynamics to play themselves out and experience their fullness before returning to the substratum from which they came. They (and I) are like waves calming on a still day and the surface once again becomes like a mirror, reflecting only Itself in the myriad facets.

Divine Mystery of the Universe


Mystry of the Universe


Sometimes when I awaken in this wilderness of silence beneath the moon visions of the elegance of creation dance me into a heightened awareness of the phenomenal variation of life

Blessed to see and behold unending moments of wonder here on earth the blinding radiance of it all breaks free in the gaze of love

Suddenly am free falling into deep dimensions of timelessness a matrix of mystic seeds in a womb filled with silent music waiting to be born stirring with a longing desire to create a form

Playing with words letting them tumble into being sometimes claiming a place by finding a space on the pristine wilderness of a blank page an untouched field of light inviting love’s expression a composition that arranges itself in a flowing revelation of new life

Life is seeking union with love to reveal itself through the precious spirit hidden within us

We are designed to receive the Beloved who is forever forming us to become the light that reveals the glory and grace of love


the heart – center of comprehension


more from “AMI Child of the Stars”  free eBook – PDF p. 55, 56


Let’s go see that group that’s over there.”

In the distance about fifty people were sitting in a circle on the meadow. At first glance, they appeared to shine, like those who were flying. Sitting with their legs crossed and their backs straight, they were meditating or praying.

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The Buddha’s face

baby buddha sleeping

The Buddha is the face of Love. Each of us has this face and it is often spoken of by the many masters who have lived in the past and into the present. They call it “your face before you were born.” It can help to close your eyes, relax your body and feel your breath deeply. Then ask yourself: “What is my face before I was born?” Then you can “see” the face of Love, your original face, the Buddha face. This face takes in all it sees with the power of Love. It accepts and embraces every aspect of life that it encounters. There is no greater service to Humanity and to our Planet than to embody the face of Love and be Buddha.

I Fell In Love With Myself

“We do not believe in ourselves

until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable,

worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch.

Once we believe in ourselves we can risk

curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight

or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

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The Universe in Person

Universe in Person

Dear Friends,

This past Thursday I enjoyed a massage (an early Christmas present from my wife) by a very gifted therapist. She is adept at moving energy in my body in a very deep way. During the session I had a transcendental and transformative experience. Immediately after the session I put down as much as I could in words. Here it is:

The Universe in Person

Stars joined in the fiery union of cosmic intercourse

Their tremendous energies intermingling and embracing each other.

Out of the immensity of this explosion of joy many new celestial bodies were born, one of them Terra.

So much churning and flexing – spouting eruptions as it grew and took shape

Vast and deep oceans, massive mighty peaks, pulsating life in jungles and streams: the stage was set.

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