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Now is the time to put into practice all you have learned and trained for.

When in the midst of a churning whirlpool if one loses stability, what happens?  Turbulence, confusion and perhaps even despair may be the result. Whatever means you have found to calm your mind, now is the time to put it into practice as continually as possible. When you wake up in the morning and before you close your eyes for the night, endeavor to practice so that you mind can be in a constant state of comfort and stability. Continue reading


pure state between existence and non-existence


“when mind is void matter is alright”

Han Shan


My Comment:

This statement: “the eternal Self, the light of lights which lies between the two ideas of existence and non-existence”, asks us to focus on that very subtle sense of the substratum of all existence AND, it states further, the substratum also of non-existence. For most of us to have a felt-sense of ‘non-existence’ is very unusual, to say the least, and sounds to our mind like a strong paradox. How am I to have a felt-sense of anything ‘outside of’ that which is part of that WHICH IS, which we call ‘existence’?
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