The Internal Factor – God is Love

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The internal factor has absolute primacy. The statement “You alone are” implies that all originates from me. All that is are my offspring. This “you” or “me” is not any form or even energy, but rather That by which I know that I am. Can I give it a name, a word? Yes, I can, but It encompasses all and so names and forms stem from It – all are derived from It. Therefore it can never be known as an object, It can only be “known” by being It as the eternal, ever-present and all-knowing, infinite Subject without object: the One that Is. Continue reading

True Warrior Spirit

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Currently the term “warrior” seems to be finding resonance with many who desire a change in the power structure on our planet. It has become obvious that those entities who have seen themselves as the power-holders are no longer able to maintain their power over others. The time has now come for all entities to stand in our own power and rule our joint affairs in love from the realization of our oneness. However, the former power structures that have been instituted and upheld over long periods of time are, thanks to the force of inertia, still operating, albeit visibly shaken and increasingly unstable.

In my perception the term “warrior” in this global context caries the flavor of “putting the poor creature (of the old power structures) out of its misery” by means of a ‘coup de grâce’ – a death blow. This attitude then often translates into forms of social and political activism toward this aim. In its most constructive form the purpose of this activism is to educate the ‘sheeple’ who are in the process of waking up, regarding the fraud that forms the basis of all former power structures and instruct them in ways of using the former system’s own rules to checkmate to corporate structures posing as government. Continue reading

I Fell In Love With Myself

“We do not believe in ourselves

until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable,

worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch.

Once we believe in ourselves we can risk

curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight

or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

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Serenity is the most important quality of my experience on this physical plane. There are many ways to maintain serenity. The one I have been most attracted to in the final weeks of this year 2014 is mindfulness. For me this means continually bringing my mind back to my body so as to be physically present in all I do more and more. Breathing is the first activity that I apply mindfulness to so that my mind and body are together here and now on this very subtle level. That allows me to notice when the breathing pauses and also the mind and to then enjoy the serenity of the vast space and silence free of all attributes of physicality  All emotions, feelings, thoughts of any kind have subsided. The energy of that space and silence have captured my attention and now I am spontaneously drawn into the state where witnessing just happens. Continue reading

Connection To Silence

I met my teacher in 1979. I was living in Germany at the time and was taking a yoga class at the local Red Cross Family Center. The instructor, Roswitha, was a student of a man from India, Sri S. Rajagopalan. She invited Rajo, as he was called, to our town for a weekend seminar. I signed up for the weekend and arrived early Saturday morning to meet Rajo in the dressing room, preparing for the seminar. The moment I saw him I felt he was my brother, because he was so familiar. In short, I fell in love with yoga as Rajo presented it to us and became close friends with him. I worked with him for over 20 years and eventually taught his style of yoga for many years in Germany, as well as in other parts of the world. When asked by my students what kind of yoga I teach, I tell them that I teach  a form of yoga that allows me to access an experience of silence as the underlying substratum of existence. Continue reading

Fear of Silence

“While we can connect to others more readily than ever before, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh worries that we’re losing our connection to body and mind. He offers a nourishing conscious breathing practice as a remedy.”

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Thich Nhat Hanh:

I have the impression that many of us are afraid of silence. We’re always taking in something—text, music, radio, television, or thoughts—to occupy the space. If quiet and space are so important for our happiness, why don’t we make more room for them in our lives? Continue reading

Being the Boss

Here are some of the key statements from Shunryu Suzuki’s talk on “Being the Boss”:

“…what Buddha meant was that mountains, trees, flowing water, flowers and plants—everything as it is—is the way Buddha is.”

“…the way each thing exists is not to be understood by itself in its own realm of consciousness.

“…when we just are—each just existing in his own way —we are expressing Buddha himself.” Continue reading

The Day Peace Happened


He listened carefully and said “Right”. He became very quiet and a great power and silence filled the hall. This silent force overflowed out into the surrounding countryside coating every rock and every blade of grass. The humming of the insects was not arrested but rather modulated and harmonized, so that the people in the fields felt uplifted, as though they were hearing a celestial concert. They, too, were embraced by this mighty flow of Silence. Their wandering thoughts and restless feelings became tranquil and it was as if their brains had been flushed clean of all memories of pain and hardship. Smiles appeared on their faces and their furrowed brows smoothed as if gentle fingers caressed and soothed them. Continue reading

Intelligent Infinity – Intrinsic Order

intelligent infinity

Journal Entry – October 30, 2014

In the purity of the early morning air the white Egret-like birds fly from tree to tree. The neighborhood rooster crows a perfect song as the late October sun peeks through the top branches of the cedars into our garden. The young man in the house just beyond the garden wall is speaking with his grandmotherly mother and then begins to sing a sweet song. It sounds like one of the modern Arab pop songs one hears on the radio and it is a pleasant song that reminds me of folk songs of the 60’s. It is touching that he sings so unselfconsciously in his beautiful melodic voice, full of affection, almost like he is singing to his mother. It is all the more poignant for me to hear this sweetness, as oftentimes one hears the sounds of emotionally agitated (and even angry voices) from this family, especially when the father enters the scene. Today, however, it seems to be peaceful and gentle over there and this tenderness is part of the tenderness of the land itself at this early hour, before the North African sun reaches its full strength.

On the background of this setting, the following thoughts arose in my mind. Continue reading

Godhead and I

Go With The Flow Sunita Anand

Go With The Flow
Sunita Anand

“The invitation is always to stop – to stop the projections, internally and externally, to stop what you imagine other people are projecting. You stop it all. It’s a hall of mirrors and it gets scary when it’s believed in. But when you stop, and you’re very still, there’s nothing happening.” Gangaji

Godhead: from Middle English godhede, “godhood”, and unrelated to the modern word “head” source

This term “godhood” points to what I often call the creative Force or First Principle energy, capitalized to signify the highest conceivable force or principle. Continue reading