Deep Peace – B4Peace

Wonderful spiritual music by Bill Douglas from the album of the same name.  A beautiful Irish blessing set to music, with lyrics, based on an Irish poem prayer. The most peaceful, relaxing song you’ll ever hear. Thanks to Mr. Douglas for allowing use of his song. Continue reading

Posture and Asana in Zen and Yoga

At the bottom of this article you will find the Posture chapter of Shunryu Suzuki’s book Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind and also the YouTube with Peter Coyote reading this chapter.

This short chapter is remarkable in several respects. Superficially it seems that he is describing the recommended zazen posture for the body. Looking more deeply at several statements in this talk, however, I realize that he is presenting us with non-linear Zen thoughts. Many statements impact me as wake up calls, directing me to leave my conventional thought patterns. This short talk is very rich and deep in its potential to show me the multiple levels that his communication contains. Here are some of my reflections on his statements from this point of view.
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Thich Nhat Hanh Speaks On Emptiness

This is one of the most beautiful videos! Most of the images are time elapsed photographs of beautiful flowers.
You see the flowers opening up and closing. You see the dandelion seeds floating around the field. You see flowers blooming and seeds flying through the air. How beautiful!
Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh talks over the beautiful images.
He uses the example of a sheet of paper to explain the concept of emptiness. Anyone can see the sunshine and the rain in the sheet of paper.
Thus the sheet of paper has to inter-be with many non-paper elements. It is empty of a separate existence. It is interdependent on the earth, the rain, the logger, the sun and many other non-paper elements.
Like the paper, we are empty of a separate existence. We are interdependent on many non-human elements.

zen: Faith Hope Belief

Light flashing in StoneWhat fears, what thirsting for approval, what hunger for recognition hold me in the grooves of conditioning? I free myself of that and I am a unique expression of the Infinite. Can I feel the call to show myself freely? We are ready to acknowledge ourselves and to be self-evident… All pressure to renege on myself is now unbearable!

Just yesterday I was looking at all the New Age views about ‘something great’ about to come around the corner etc. and I was reflecting on how that continues to program everyone onto ‘hope’, ‘faith’ and the identity that is built around ‘becoming a multi-dimensional being’ etc. This focus on something yet to come and on some event yet to happen in order for my destiny to fulfill itself has the tendency to keep us from realizing just how amazing that <being> which is already here, which I already AM, actually is. That is where the exploration of this mystery begins, in my opinion.
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Spiritual Entertainment: KUMARÉ

Every so often my wife, Alia, and I watch a movie on Netflix. We always choose something that is uplifting and entertaining to just kick back, relax and enjoy. Recently I came across the movie “KUMARÉ” when reading Rarasaur’s blog, “The Gurus We Choose

I recommend it highly, not only because it is very well done and entertaining but also because it points to some very poignant truths about gurus in today’s world. Continue reading