the audience on the screen


In the following dialog between a visitor and Ramana we read:

You think that you see them (i.e. objects apart from the Self). The thought is projected out from your Self. Find out where-from it rises. Thoughts will cease to rise and the Self alone will remain.”

This is the way Ramana Maharshi saw the world. Is it possible for us to change our habitual way of perception so radically that we actually come to the realization: THE SELF ALONE IS. Viewing the world and our life in that way changes everything, and yet everything remains as it always was. We merely cease being caught in delusions that result in our violence toward ourselves and others. This year is a good year to wake up from our delusory state. Continue reading


we look for objects

Q: How did the ego arise?

Ramana: Ego is not. Otherwise do you admit of two selves? How can there be avidya (ignorance of the Self) in the absence of the ego? If you begin to inquire, the avidya, which is already non-existent, will be found not to be, or you will say it has fled away.

Ignorance pertains to the ego. Why do you think of the ego and also suffer? What is ignorance again? It is that which is nonexistent. However the worldly life requires the hypothesis of avidya.

Avidya is only our ignorance and nothing more. It is ignorance or forgetfulness of the Self. Can there be darkness before the sun? Similarly, can there be ignorance before the self-evident and self- luminous Self? If you know the Self there will be no darkness, no ignorance and no misery. Continue reading

what is ‘the Self’?

"Inspiration often begins as an outer quest as you seek answers from the outside world..." R Rudd | Aimee Steward:


Having found that “Moment”, at that point of time – when it is found – you will know your Self.

For to know yourself does not mean to know your body only, it signifies the full revelation of That which eternally Is – the Supreme Father, Mother, Beloved, Lord and Master – the Self.

 source: Richard Lannoy, Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom, p. 99

What eternally IS: this statement gives some of the highest meanings attributed to the term “the Self” Continue reading

special states

Am I in a “special state” after a particularly remarkable shift in perspective?

The question as to as “special state” is an interesting one – this shift that I am in shows me more clearly what all the sages mean, especially Ramana and the Zen masters when they say that there is no enlightenment and no liberation when one realizes that everything already is the Big Mind, or the Self, and only our little mind taking a limited perspective creates a world of separation from Self, Buddha Mind, or God, which are all the same thing.

To say “only the little mind” is, of course, an understatement, since it sounds like the “little mind” should not be a big hindrance to just remaining as “what is”, which is the one vast and mysterious Universal Being showing up as many. Continue reading

sublimate the mind in the Self – Ramana

“Sublimate the mind in the Self”

Ramana Maharshi

What does this mean? It means the mind is the great impostor. A whole world, nee, a whole cosmos is conjured up and we are made to believe it is really happening, but in Reality nothing is happening. Very hard to believe that everything we see, touch, taste, smell and think is all just the mysterious effect of sound vibration taking on certain patterns and then these patterns (forms) looking at themselves and interacting with each other as though they were more than patterns of sound vibration. Is it possible to get to the root of this “manifestation”? Continue reading