Our Connection with Mother Nature

Telepathy — Our New Paradigm Communication

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Anna Breytenbach, a very talented animal communicator, is remarkable in several aspects. Of course it is very wonderful to be able to communicate with our animal companions on this planet so as to be better able to meet our common challenges or for us to assist animals in human environments that are in distress. I see the great significance of this kind of direct connection with the animal world also, as Anna and others in the video mention, in that more and more humans are beginning to acknowledge that the Natural world is actually our home. I know that I am feeling greatly nourished on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels of my being since my direct, visceral connection to Nature began to intensify over the course of the last year. I am sure you will enjoy this video!
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Blogging Creates the Global Brain

Blogging and Noosphere

These blogs are about the meeting of like-minded spirits. These websites seem to be a vehicle for the creation of what Teilhard de Chardin called the Noosphere – the thinking layer of our planet. Peter Russell was speaking of the same phenomenon when he wrote about the Global Brain (and also the video with the same name).

I observe clearly a non-linear connectivity at work that brings those of like frequency together. It looks like magic, but is actually an aspect of the intrinsic order of evolution unfolding, and we are a conscious part of it.

Glad to know each one of you, and thank you for opening up to this exhilarating experience of Consciousness awakening to Itself – we are the Universe in Person!