give up

“All you need to do is give up thoughts.”

You can give up chocolate, you can give up sugar, you can give up soft drinks, you can give up chips, you can give up cigarettes, beer, wine, texting, sitting in the cafe etc. etc. Anything you feel you are dependent on is something you might consider giving up. But all you need to do is give up thoughts. That takes care of all the rest.  Continue reading

skillful means to focus on stillness

Here are two short videos of Eckhart Tolle that are wonderfully useful as so-called skillful means. One could say they can be a supporting condition for bringing your focus to stillness, or ‘inner spaciousness’ as Eckhart calls it:

Eckhart Tolle Spaciousness

1. Inner Spaciousness 3:29

Eckhart Tolle Balance

2. The Balance of Being and Doing 2:42