non-thinking – the koan

Shikan Taza



Below is Koan 129 from Dogen’s collection of 300 Koans that goes into “non-thinking” in relation to thinking/not-thinking. First you find “The Main Case” which has, at the end of each line a footnote number. After “The Commentary” and “The Capping Verse” there are “The Footnotes” by John Daido Loori, to which the numbers refer.  Below the footnotes I have included John Daido Loori’s Contemporary Commentary on Dogen’s text. Enjoy! Continue reading

Zen Meditation


As the name Zen implies, Zen sitting meditation is the core of Zen practice and is called zazen in Japanese (Chinese tso-chan [Wade-Giles] or zuòchán [Pinyin]). During zazen, practitioners usually assume a sitting position such as the lotus, half-lotus, Burmese, or seiza postures. To regulate the mind, awareness is directed towards counting or watching the breath or put in the energy center below the navel (Chinese dan tian, Japanese tanden or hara). Continue reading

Zen: realization is practice


from Dogen Zenji’s Shobogenzo

Dialog on the Way of Commitment

Answer 7:

“At the risk of casting pearls before swine, I would advise you that thinking of meditation and realization as two separate things is just wrong. We teach that meditation and realization are identical.”
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