Universal Religion

Dalai Lama Kindness

“If we practice religion properly, or genuinely, religion is not something outside but in our hearts. The essence of any religion is good heart. Sometimes I call love and compassion a universal religion. This is my religion. Complicated philosophy, this and that, sometimes create more trouble and problems. If these sophisticated philosophies are useful for the development of good heart, then good: use them fully. If these complicated philosophies or systems become an obstacle to a good heart then better to leave them. This is what I feel.”

— HH Dalai Lama

Surrender to What Is – the Only Choice There Will Ever Be

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This is the crux of the matter. We have become so enamored with our thoughts. Humanity believes that thought can take us anywhere – new technology, genetic engineering etc. etc. This has gone far past the point of using thought as the very useful tool that it is. We have taken an attitude of arrogance in our relationship with nature. Once we are able to see clearly that thought is limited then something new starts.

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Thought itself is now beginning to experience its limits and when that happens it refrains from going beyond its limits because it is actually concerned with safety. Now it is starting to recognize that safety means not abusing its capabilities. Then that which is far, far greater than thought is recognized by thought as the ultimate authority and thought’s actions become tempered by this greater force.

We stop choosing between illusory alternatives when we are able to really accept “what is” – moment by moment. There are no real choices beyond “choosing” to acknowledge “what is”. When we do that, the present moment shows us clearly what is to be done in order to be in alignment with the Totality, or God or whatever word you use for that Great One. Another way I have heard it said is, “Or is this the place of surrender – “consciously” turning over our will to God, and letting the Divine take over?”

You choose.