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Eckhart Tolle - Inner Transformation

Let 2016 be a NEW YEAR

We are accustomed to thinking that we do things. This comes from thinking that since we can perceive thoughts, there must be a thinker thinking them. This is one of the fundamental misconceptions many are caught in. Imagine swamp gas bubbles arising from the surface of the swamp. They arise due to the interaction of many factors that combined constitute the swamp biosphere. Our psyche is similarly the result of the complex interplay of a myriad of factors resulting in the species of sentient beings we call humans. I don’t say our thoughts are like so many swamp gas bubbles (although many thoughts can have a foul odor to them) but we may consider our thoughts to be the expression of a greater happening, and indeed of an intelligence greater than our limited minds can conceive of. Continue reading

I cannot express what I am feeling

born out of nothing

The roaring silence of the diamond. What do I want here on this planet as I see every view that anyone holds as true and valid. There is only emptiness as all views are conjured up by the beholder’s repertoire of images. Combinations of what each one projects as per their personal distortions. We all are fragments of perception, each from a unique standpoint. As such we do see what our individual perceptions mosaic together. It’s a living kaleidoscope and we want to give what appears in a given moment a meaning. It is as if you took thousands of frames of a film and then took one single frame and said “this is the movie”. Continue reading

Zen: What is the Buddha Devil?

The deeper message in so many ancient texts is the same. I find, however, that to contemplate this message from various enlightened authors allows it to “sink in” more and more. In the words of Swami Parthasarathy, “The whole theme of the scriptures is to introduce your Self to yourself, nothing else.”

Here is that deeper message this time from the Zen master Lin Chi.

Someone asked, “What is the Buddha devil?”
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