duality – unicity


Duality arises when consciousness arises. I am present and I know that I am present – that is duality. I am and I am not conscious of being present – that is unicity. There is only one, but when this conscious presence is there, then there is a sense of duality.

source: PDF Nisargadatta, Prior to Consciousness, December 9, 1980


My Comment:

Consciousness emerges and a sense of duality is there. Can I recede in consciousness to the point of emergence, which is the emergence of the sense of “I” or “me”? Continue reading

point of inception


It is the tiniest point very, very far inside. It is the point of inception. Having located it, it is easy to find. Point of inception sounds impressive. Actually it is a very fine, subtle, infinitesimal constriction in the homogeneity of the Ultimate, of the Absolute. Observation of it happens when the busyness of the little mind subsides of its own accord. Then Awareness down to the ‘bottom’ shows up. It is as if one were looking into a deep lake and it is clear down to the bottom.
All layers of activity – layers of the mind (within which all activity is contained) are like flotsam after the storm.  Observation sinks down through all layers and strata and comes to this point: the point of inception. Continue reading