the backward step



“just once, take the backward step

that turns the light and shines it inward”



The principle that Zen Master Dogen speaks of in the statement below is mindfulness or, as he called it, attentiveness. There are three essential points in this statement. The first essential point is “the backward step” that reverses the usual dynamic of our mind. Usually we allow our mind to follow the energy stream of mass consciousness which is conditioned consciousness. Continue reading

Reincarnation, Karma and Presence

Eckhart TolleEckhart Tolle, Ramana and the Zen Master Dogen

The following statements by these gentlemen on the topics of reincarnation, karma and presence reflect my own views. Many years ago as a young man I had a vision of great magnitude in which I was standing on a wide path, a road, which came spiraling up from below. It was like an endless funnel and this road, this path, was spiraling around and up the inside of this funnel-like landscape. I recognized it as the path of time and of myriad past human generations. As I gazed mesmerized by the sheer magnitude of this scenario, someone on the opposite side of this ‘inverted mountain’ waved to me. In that moment I waved in return and recognized that the one ‘over there’ was me in another life. Continue reading