the wave works hard


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If the wave works hard to seek water, it will only get tired, it will only create more birth and death, because the wave is already the water.

It doesn’t have to work anymore. It doesn’t have to fear going up and down.

source: Master Linji’s Records p. 132, 133




never seeking buddhahood

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Pistol River – Photo Tomas


“…he never has a single thought

of seeking buddhahood.”

My Comment:

If he allows his mind to stray from ‘what is’ right here, right now, he slips back into the dusty world. Once he is in the stream of being ordinary, of simply not striving and of conforming with circumstances from that place of equanimity, he is like a gyroscope: keeping alignment with Big Mind. Any thought of attaining anything or achieving anything causes that gyroscope to wobble. He avoids that.

“After all, you have a father and a mother—

what more do you seek?”

If you have a father and a mother you are in this life and therefore you have all you need to realize who and what you are right now.



“Conforming with circumstances as they are he exhausts his past karma; accepting things as they are he puts on his clothes; when he wants to walk he walks, when he wants to sit he sits; he never has a single thought of seeking buddhahood. Why is this so? Continue reading

True Warrior Spirit

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Currently the term “warrior” seems to be finding resonance with many who desire a change in the power structure on our planet. It has become obvious that those entities who have seen themselves as the power-holders are no longer able to maintain their power over others. The time has now come for all entities to stand in our own power and rule our joint affairs in love from the realization of our oneness. However, the former power structures that have been instituted and upheld over long periods of time are, thanks to the force of inertia, still operating, albeit visibly shaken and increasingly unstable.

In my perception the term “warrior” in this global context caries the flavor of “putting the poor creature (of the old power structures) out of its misery” by means of a ‘coup de grâce’ – a death blow. This attitude then often translates into forms of social and political activism toward this aim. In its most constructive form the purpose of this activism is to educate the ‘sheeple’ who are in the process of waking up, regarding the fraud that forms the basis of all former power structures and instruct them in ways of using the former system’s own rules to checkmate to corporate structures posing as government. Continue reading

We Are Our True Person

True Person poster

I made this poster and hung it above my bed after reading these words of Thich Nhat Hanh:

“The true person doesn’t go looking for an outside master. WE are in charge of our own destiny and we have to be responsible for each of our own words, thoughts, and actions. Mindfulness will help. Then we realize, ‘I’m thinking like this. I’m responsible for these thoughts. I’ve spoken like that, I’m responsible for my words. I’m doing this, and I’m responsible for this action.’
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Zen: Patience and Study

This is the page I contemplated this morning in my Driftwood Studio. It has to do with enlightenment being something that happens suddenly, from one moment to the next and yet many of us study with great patience. Master Linji gives us the sense that this study and this patience are part of enlightenment, not really “preparation FOR” enlightenment. The words of the sutras or of any text that inspires us are enjoyable and that is why we read and contemplate them. Enjoy this short text of Thich Nhat Hanh speaking of the teachings of Linji:
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Zen: Each of Our Actions Carries Our Signature

Here a comment by Thich Nhat Hanh on the teaching of the Zen Master Linji: “Be sovereign wherever you go and use that place as your seat of awakening”.

Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)


Then of course we can ask, “How to be sovereign?” If you know the story of Osho and his students and the goose in the bottle: Osho said there is a goose in a bottle. How to get the goose out without breaking the bottle or hurting the goose? he asked his students.
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Living As Buddha


“Master Linji tells us … If we search for something outside ourselves, we will never find it. The things we are looking for aren’t in these places. This message appears frequently in Master Linji’s teachings, but it is especially clear here. If we search for something outside ourselves, we will never find it. We have, within us, all the seeds of Buddhahood. The Buddha and the masters don’t belong to the past, the future, or another place. They are here with us in the present moment.
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All Phenomena Are Without Substance

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Sometimes a post takes on the quality of a report to myself on where I am in my deeper understanding of things and in my daily practice. This post is like that.

“All Phenomena Are Without Substance”

This could be the Nobel Prize-winning discovery in quantum physics, but as of yet they still have the view that there is 0.999999 % substance at the core of matter. The Zen Buddhist’s of the past, such as Master Linji (China around the year 850) is on record for stating the following:

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